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“What Are Computerized Posture Scans”

chiropractic posture scans

In a few of my more recent postings, you may have heard me refer to a computerized posture scan so I would like to take the opportunity here to explain to you what a computerized posture scan is.

The computerized posture scan analyses the alignment of your shoulders, ribcage, hips, knees and most importantly your neck.

It is an excellent preliminary screening tool to demonstrate where the spinal misalignments (subluxations) exist in your spine and also where you might be developing spinal arthritis and bone spurs.

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We simply take a couple of pictures of you with our ipad and within a couple of minutes we can show you exactly where your trouble areas are.

These are now a part of our free initial consultation but I would like to mention that we will also be offering them at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival on Friday June 14th from noon to 6 pm.

Just look for us under the Life Chiropractic tent in the vendors area and we will be happy to scan you, your family and your friends.

Hope to see you there!

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