Headache Pain Relief

“More Facts About Headache Pain For Burlington Headache Sufferers”

Headaches or ‘cephalgia’ is a pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck.

The big pharma companies have made literally millions of dollars selling drugs & medications to John Q Public & Jane Q Public & their children for the treatment of headache pain.

The whole concept of taking a little white, or yellow , or blue or red pill etc. to make your pain go away was gobbled up by the north American population like there was no tomorrow.

But, little did many realize that this would eventually affect people’s health & the financial state of our health care system in a very negative way.

Let me say this … there is no QUICK FIX for anything ( except maybe a car or a cavity in your tooth ), and a powder, pill, prescription, lotion or potion is not the answer.

Your headaches are not because you are not taking enough drugs or medications in your diet! Whether your headache pain is from a migraine, sinuses, tension, stress, pinched nerves,your jaw or referred to your head from your neck, the prudent thing to do is to investigate where they are coming from.

This is where you should focus your treatment.

Not just pop a pill and go on your merry way thinking everything is ok while you are getting temporary relief only (maybe), and doing a real number on your stomach, kidney’s & liver.

Read the box people!

Or, google what you are taking & find out the truth about the side-effects.

Up to 80% of Canadians will suffer from some type of headache at least once in their lifetimes.

That is a staggering number when you think about it.

And it is estimated that 9 times out of 10 that when people buy over the counter pain killers, it is for pain somewhere in their body including their head.

The different thing about chiropractic is that we do not prescribe drugs or medications.

Another thing too is that we will look to find out what is  causing your headaches.

Are they coming from a pinched nerve in your neck? Are they coming from overly tense muscles in your neck or upper back? Are they coming from a poorly aligned jaw joint (TMJ) ? Are they coming from poor posture in your neck ( computer neck or video-game neck )? Are they coming from clogged sinuses?

Burlington chiropractors can help all of these sources of headaches by addressing the pinched nerves, tight muscles, poorly functioning joints & sinus tissue – whatever case may be.

All treatments are gentle & safe & usually done by hand & yes, even good for your kids. And very,very effective I might add. In all my 25 years of practice I have seen many, many patients young & old alike get tremendous relief from their headache pain with chiropractic care.

Not to mention most of these people were able to stop taking the potentially harmful & dangerous medications that they were taking.

You do have an alternative treatment for your headache pain.

Feel free to contact our office at any time.

We are always here to help.

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Dr. Brad’s Credentials

– Certified Personal Training Specialist, Canfitpro

– Certified Posture Expert, American Posture Institute

– Certified Postural Neurologist, American Posture Institute

– Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

– Doctor of Chiropractic, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Dr Brad Ivanchuk is a Burlington, Ontario chiropractor and is founder and owner of Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph Line.

Life Chiropractic Centre is a family chiropractic and postural correction facility.

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