Chiropractic Adjustment For Cold And Flu

“When You Are Sick With A Cold Or The Flu Make Sure You Keep Your Appointment At Our Burlington Clinic”

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Thank you to all of you who call the office to cancel your appointment if you are stricken with a bad cold or the flu.

We really do appreciate your courtesy and concern, but we are not afraid of your germs!!

“Why?” you ask.

The answer is this: If the germ theory of sickness and disease were true, we would have all been dead a long time ago! Germs do not make you sick.

We live amongst billions and billions of germs every day and most of them we need to survive.

But some will make you sick if your immune system is depressed.

How does this happen…how does your immune system get depressed?

Well the next logical question is: What runs your immune system?

The answer is your central nerve system – your brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

In fact, your nerve system is in direct contact with your immune system every second of every day of your life to monitor and regulate its activity. Which means your immune system will only work as well as your nerve system works.

So, if your spinal alignment is off (from having subluxations) and your nerve system is only working at 70% efficiency, your immune system will only work at 70% efficiency.

This will leave the door wide open for the good germs to cause a bad situation like colds and the flu.

Yes, we all have subluxations to one degree or another. Your adjustments act to minimize the effect they have on your health and well being.

No, all the cold remedies you can buy at the drug store do not work.

Save your money!

Research shows that they just do not work.

What any drug really does is this… it decreases your body’s rate of vibration; this means your body’s power is weakened and so are your defences.

There was a study done a few years back on HIV-positive patients and those who received regular chiropractic care showed a staggering 48% increase in CD4 immune system cells which are responsible for attacking invading viruses.

Colds, flu and AIDS are all caused by viruses.

If you know someone who is sick all the time, or seems to catch everything that is going around; send them to the chiropractor. You just might save their life — or at least improve the quality of their life!

So don’t worry about bringing your germs into our office.

We understand that with a cold or flu you sometimes don’t feel like getting up and getting out, but as soon as you can get in here for your adjustment.

Give your immune system a boost to help kick those germs out of there.

PS: This is the real benefit of chiropractic care.

And who would not want their body’s defences working at full power all the time?

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