Causes Of Forward Head Posture

“Burlington Chiropractor Discusses Causes Of Forward Head Posture”

Causes of Forward Head Posture Burlington
Over the past few weeks we have learned about a postural distortion pattern called ‘forward head posture’ (FHP) and the negative effects it can have on your health.

According to the American Posture Institute, 60 to 90% of adults and 34% of school-aged children have this condition.

And as promised last time, today we are going to learn what causes FHP.

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There are many different causes which include falls, sporting injuries and whiplash-type car accidents.

But the 2 main silent causes (silent causes are by far the most dangerous type with any health condition) are texting on a cell phone and sitting at a computer.

It is estimated that 46% of 3rd graders and 90% of 9th graders exceed their daily 2 hour screen-time limit.

And when you add in an average of 2-4 hours of cell phone texting per day, it is no surprise how advances in modern technology have created postural declines in our society.

So what is it you can do about this?

The first and foremost thing you should do is call me to schedule an appointment for an ever-important postural check-up.

It is easy to do.

It’s quick – it only takes about 5 minutes and it’s free.

This is a community service provided by Life Chiropractic Centre.

We can actually measure your posture and tell you how much FHP you have.

Our phone number is 905 335 LIFE (5433) and remember that we can check your whole family at the same time. Especially your kids.

And why is it important to check your kids? Because good posture is by design, not by circumstance.

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