How To Start Exercising

“So You Want To Start Exercising And You Don’t Know Where Or How To Begin?”

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Here are some helpful tips for you to get you started on the right path.

You do not need an expensive gym membership &/or expensive fashionable work-out gear either.

The only thing you would really need is a good pair of walking or running shoes and some loose,comfortable clothing because walking is the safest place to start exercising.

3 times per week for ½ hour & then gradually increase your time so you are eventually walking 1 hr at a time.

Next, you will want to increase your pace. You can easily monitor this by using a pedometer & counting the number of steps. Find your comfortable base-line & then increase by 100 steps per hour each week until you reach a pace that is brisk, almost a speed walk.

Once you have achieved this level, then start to incorporate some arm movement.

Swing your arms as you stride and you can carry a 2 or 3 pound arm weight in each hand & either swing, or do some bicep curls or side arm raises or combine all, again coordinating with your stride.

It is best to walk on grass or natural surface such as a trail or the track around a high-school football field.

This is much easier on the joints of your lower back & legs than pavement or concrete.

Once the cold & snow arrive, either invest in a treadmill or get a gym membership for a few months.

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