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Here Are The Top 12 Reasons To Visit
A Burlington Chiropractor

  1. Burlington chiropractorYou are sick & tired of being sick & tired.
  2. It is difficult for you to bend over to put your socks or shoes on.
  3. You have a headache almost every day.
  4. You cannot turn your head & neck enough to safely check your blind spot while driving.
  5. You use pain medication, anti-inflammatory &/or muscle relaxer drugs regularly.
  6. When you look in the mirror, one shoulder is higher than the other.
  7. You’ve been in at least one car accident & if it was a rear-ender, the collision speed was 2.5 mph or more.
  8. The heels of your shoes wear out un-evenly.
  9. You have to tailor your trousers or slacks because of different leg lengths.
  10. Once or twice a year you spend a few days on the floor because you cannot move due to severe lower back pain.
  11. Your head & neck sticks way out in front of your shoulders.
  12. You set limits for yourself because you know if you do certain physical activities, you will pay for it the next day.


If even 1 or 2 from the above ( very abbreviated list ) ring a bell with you, you need help!

And you should think twice about using more medication as a solution.
Let me tell you 2 important things ….

You don’t have one, some or all of the above problems because you are not taking enough medication.

Medication only deals with the effect ( symptom ), not the cause of the problem in most cases.

Let me give you an example…

Let’s say you have a pinched nerve in the part of your spine between your shoulder blades. Pinched nerves here will often cause stomach problems because that is where those nerves go. You start not eating the foods you like because they cause you grief ( setting limits ). Then you start taking rolaids, tums, pepto, bromo & then the prescription stuff like Zantac.

Ask yourself this …

what are these meds going to do to establish normal function of your stomach?

Nothing !

They are an attempt to make you feel more comfortable by eliminating your symptoms. What is going to happen to the health of you stomach over time if you keep taking the meds & ignoring the pinched nerve which is causing the stomach upset in the first place?

And ask yourself this …. how in the world are you going to extract the nutrients from your food if your filling your stomach with ant-acids & heartburn medication?

Can you see how medication is not always the wisest choice?

And not in just this example, but for most things. Are you concerned about your health? Your children’s health?

You should be because it is all up to you to achieve it & maintain it.

I will be your coach.

Call me anytime.

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