Meet Dr. Brad

Dr Brad Ivanchuk is a Burlington, Ontario Chiropractor.

Founder & owner of Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph Line in the Beacon Hill Plaza, he has been in private practice in Burlington for almost 25 years.

A graduate of the University of Toronto, 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree, a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1986 with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree.

He is also a canfitpro Certified Personal Training Specialist and a Certified Posture Expert with the American Posture Institute.

A member in good standing of the International Chiropractor’s Association, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, College of Chiropractor’s of Ontario, Canadian Chiropractic Association & Ontario Chiropractic Association. Dr Ivanchuk speaks about his career & experiences in chiropractic practice: I did not always have a desire to become a chiropractor.


I like to say that chiropractic found me instead of me finding it. I always knew I wanted to be in the health industry some how, some way but it was through a good friend of mine at university who suggested I investigate chiropractic. I had some experience with chiropractic as a teenager to help me with a sports injury, but at that time I did not consider it as a career. It was when I was at a crossroads in my education that I ended up considering chiropractic.

I had graduated from the U of T, and was considering all my options when my friend suggest I take a tour of the chiropractic college in Toronto. ( Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College ) At that time the college was on Bayview Avenue right across from the CNIB. I made an appointment to take the tour & during, I had a strong feeling that I was at home & this was the place for me to be.

I enjoyed their approach to health care that did not involve the use of drugs or surgery as even back then, I did not agree with that approach to health. And chiropractic philosophy synced very well with my own personal beliefs so I applied, was accepted into the program & started in Sept 1982. And it was intense! I had a full course load of 5 while at U of T. My full course load at CMCC was 12 – and they were just as involved, if not more than the U of T courses. My most memorable was anatomy & doing dissections on a human body. Our instructor was Dr John W. Duckworth who was the head anatomy professor at the U of T medical school for years before retiring. He still wanted to teach so he accepted the position at CMCC. Dr Duckworth was also Queen Elizabeth’s personal physician whenever she was visiting in Canada. What a wealth of information he was! So many stories & so many invaluable clinical tips that I still reference & use today.I had never seen anybody just draw any view of any body part on a chalk board using both hands totally from memory. I was truly blessed to have him as my anatomy professor because this is where I learned the most about the human body & this is what I needed to become an expert at.

I had several U of T professors teaching me at the chiropractic college from physiology to pathology to radiology & when I look back, they all believed in what we did as a profession even though they were hard-nosed, old school medical people. The 4 years at CMCC flew by; hard studying, hard partying, strong friendships formed, 40 or so licensing exams at the end of it all & then everybody dispersed. Back to all Canadian provinces, the US, Europe, Japan – wherever & whence they came. You see, the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College had/has a reputation as being one of the best, if not the best chiropractic college in the world. That is why it attracted students from all over the planet.

It was October of 1986 when I saw my first patient in private practice here in Burlington, Ontario. I have seen literally thousands of patients since & have gained an incredible amount of knowledge & experience about this thing called chiropractic. I was fortunate to practice with a very good chiropractor for 3 years before opening my own practice which again bestowed upon me a wealth of information. But this time it was more real in the sense that it was clinical knowledge applied specifically in the chiropractic practice.

My eyes were opened & continually it was confirmed & re-affirmed that I had made the right choice in my career. How could chiropractic help people with cancer, ear infections, high blood pressure, allergies, depression, scoliosis, degenerative spinal diseases, infertility, bed-wetting, indigestion, fibromyalgia, IBS, Crohn’s disease ? I was well aware that chiropractic was very effective in helping people with headaches, neck pain, whiplash, arm pain, lower back pain & leg pain etc. but how could it help those with all the aforementioned conditions? Well it did & it does.** This is where I learned about the amazing capacity of the human body to heal itself from any disease or condition known to man ( without invasive drugs or other procedures such as surgery).

And this will happen only if that person’s central nerve system is working optimally. And optimal function of the central nerve system hinges on having & maintaining good spinal hygiene.What does it mean to have good spinal hygiene? It means having good posture & minimal degenerative joint disease within the spine. And all of this depends solely on the alignment of the 24 vertebrae that make up your spine. Stress will cause these vertebrae to partially misalign.

This is called a SUBLUXATION. Stress is either physical, mental or chemical in its origin. When subluxations are left undetected or uncorrected, your posture will change, spinal degeneration will begin & all during this process your nerve system will slowly lose its ability to function optimally. This is DANGER to your quality of life, health & longevity. Yes, I have seen many people heal from many different things over the past 25 years but what is most unfortunate is that many people will say that they do not need a chiropractor even though they do not really know anything about it. Or, their family medical doctor has discouraged them from seeing a chiropractor or they say they do not have back pain, so why should they visit a chiropractor? This is most unfortunate for them because the truth as I see it is, everyone needs to have regular chiropractic care.

If you are alive, if you have a spine, if you have stress in your life ( yes, we all do whether we like it or acknowledge it or not ) and irrespective of your race, age, religion it is THE MOST important thing you can do for your health & your children’s health. Get one thing straight. Health does not come in the form of a powder, pill, prescription, lotion, potion or needle. It comes from within you & for your body to fully express health, you need to ensure that your nerve system is functioning optimally every day of your life. How? By keeping your spine aligned as best as you can so that it does not interfere with the function of your master control – the central nerve system. ** And let me qualify one thing here. Not everyone with cancer, ear infections, high blood pressure etc. (or headache or back pain for that matter) will be cured with chiropractic care.  Has it happened ? Yes. Does it happen? All the time. But so much depends on the individual; their genetic predisposition, their current level of health, their stress level, their diet etc.

That is why many people do not experience the miracle cures that others do. Sometimes other factors are such that they are fighting as losing battle which is sometimes their fault & sometimes not. After almost 30 years in this profession, this is what I can tell you  how to realize the greatest benefit from chiropractic care. If you have kids, get them started right away. Most problems I see in adults have origins relating way back to childhood. And think about it. When is it that you have most of your falls, bumps and bruises? And, when do you think the first episode of physical stress is for all of us? You got it! The process of birth itself.

This is when most of us get our first subluxation, especially if it was a difficult birth ( breech, base posterior , induced ) or required the use of forceps or the head vacuum. And nowadays, this is more the rule than the exception especially with hospital births. As the old saying goes; ‘ As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.’ If you have poor posture as a kid, you will have poorer posture as an adult for sure. And , if you are starting chiropractic care as an adult, give it time. So many adults are too impatient for their own good. They have a problem that’s been developing for 35 years & expect it to be resolved it 3 wks? Come on – not going to happen !

You need to do the appropriate amount of reconstructive care to correct & stabilize the spine as much as is possible & then stick with a wellness/maintenance schedule to keep your reconstructed spine healthy for the rest of your life. And this is a fact I have observed, whether with kids or adults: people who use chiropractic on a regular basis, exercise, eat healthy & minimize the use of medications are FAR healthier than those who don’t. So, if you are reading this & are considering finding a chiropractor in Burlington, Ontario, please feel free to give me a call. We will discuss your concerns & what I could do to help. Chiropractic will truly add years to your life & life to your years.

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