Continuing Chiropractic Care

Why Do I Need To Continue With My Burlington Chiropractic Care?

This is a question that most chiropractic patients will learn the answer to for themselves, mostly through trial & error.

There are those people out there who, due  to mis-information from one person or another, see no value in chiropractic care & I truly feel sorry for these people.

Then there are those who self-direct their care & what I mean by this is that they only go to the chiropractor when they feel the need to.

In other words, they are actually doctoring themselves.

And even though this is not advisable, it is a better use of chiropractic then nothing at all.

Then there are those who ‘get it ‘ & use chiropractic regularly as part of their health care regime & these are the ones who truly reap the benefits chiropractic has to offer.

So , why would someone need to continue with chiropractic care if it helped them find relief of some type of health problem or  even if it did not work at all ( in their opinion )?

Well, there are a couple of answers to this question. [ And I will say this right here & right now that the people who start chiropractic care & then discontinue at some point have not been properly educated about what chiropractic really is.]

One reason is to maintain good spinal hygiene.

And what I mean by this is good posture & healthy disc tissue.

The spine is meant to have curves in certain areas & be perfectly straight & balanced in others.

Any  deviation from this normal is an indication that spinal hygiene is not as good as it should be.

Everyone knows that if you have good dental hygiene, your teeth are healthy & free from decay/cavities & your gums are healthy.

Well, when you have subluxations in your spine ( these are when some of the vertebrae are mis-aligned ), then your spinal hygiene will suffer.

What happens is that eventually your spine will start to curve & twist & kink, the spinal joints will become stressed & inflamed, & the spinal discs will start to degenerate( decay ) & this will lead to spinal osteoarthritis.

None of this is good for you & obviously will cause you discomfort along with other health problems.

Everybody Has Subluxations

In fact, any living creature that has a spine will have subluxations.

This is where one of the gaps in communication & education exists – what subluxatons are, how you get them, what effect they have on your spine & health, how to minimize them & the benefit of minimizing them.

So, we know what subluxations are.

How you get them is from ‘stress.’ We all have stress in our lives. We cannot escape stress.

There Are 3 Kinds Of Stress

Physical, mental/emotional & chemical.

Physical stress is just that – falls, bumps, bruises, being born, giving birth, car accidents, work injuries, chores at home, your job etc. All of these will cause your spine to get subluxations.

When you have a lot of mental/emotional stress, your muscles get tight & tense. Everybody has experienced this. Some people get it in the neck & shoulders, others in the lower back. Understand that most of the large muscles in your body attach to the spine. If these are tight and tense for extended periods, what do you think will happen?  Right, they will pull the vertebrae out of alignment & cause a subluxation.

Chemical stress is from all the toxins that we live in & that live in us. We just cannot escape them & they will disturb your bodies physiology & when this is disturbed, subluxations will result.

So, I will say it again.

Subluxations are caused by stress.

We all have stress, different types & different degrees so we are always going to have subluxations.

This is what will have the greatest negative impact on your health.

And to make matters worse, there are so many people who have never had any chiropractic care which means that the effects of stress have been embedded deeply somewhere in their body.

Have you ever heard of somebody who was healthy as a horse & then suddenly dropped dead from a heart attack, or suddenly developed cancer & died 6 months later?

We all have.

You cannot tell me that these people were truly healthy!

Now we know that subluxations will cause your spine to decay or degenerate but they will also create other health issues.

Remember that subluxations can cause your spinal disc tissue to decay.

The function of the disc tissue ( one of them ) is to separate the vertebrae to create an opening for the nerve roots to exit & travel into the body. The nerves bring the power supply to all the organs that make up the 9 systems of your body.

When your disc tissue starts to decay, this means the discs start to get thin.

The vertebrae then move closer together & the openings for the nerve roots get smaller.

Eventually, the vertebrae will start to compress the nerve root & decrease their ability to transmit the power.Without the proper quality & quantity of power ( which is generated in your brain by the way ), your organs will not function properly leading to malfunction of one or more of your major systems.

Do you think this would be good for you?

Of course not.

This is where chiropractic is vital for maintaining optimal health irrespective of how you feel.

Let me ask you this… your immune system is one of the 9 systems of your body.

What it does is protect you from invading viruses, bacteria, etc. & it also kills off things called free-radicals which are pre-cursors to cancer cells.

Knowing that your immune system works only as well as the power it receives from the nerve system, would you not want the power supply to your immune system to on max all the time?

And if you did have cancer, would you not want your nerve system to be working at the optimum so that your immune system was working at optimum?

The same holds true for the other systems; digestive, respiratory, circulatory, muscular etc.

I will say it again, chiropractic will help you achieve & maintain optimal health potential.

Even though chiropractic has been reduced by some to be nothing more than a therapy for neck pain & back pain, this was never the intention in the beginning.

It was brought to the masses as a drug-free way of healing the body from dis-ease by releasing the bodies in-born & innate healing potential by removing nerve interference caused by a poorly aligned spine.

So even though chiropractic has helped millions of people get relief from headaches , neck pain & back pain etc., there are way more important health benefits.

So try to look beyond chiropractic for symptom relief.

I know it’s hard because our whole health care system has evolved into quick remedies for symptom relief.

But if our current health care system  worked, we wouldn’t be ranked somewhere in the 30’s on the world’s healthiest countries list.

So, yes chiropractic can do a good job keeping you free from aches & pains.

And it will help you maintain good spinal hygiene.

Why Would You Not Want Good Spinal Hygiene?

Everybody wants to keep good dental hygiene, right?

Let me ask you this…. what is easier for you to replace, your spine or your teeth?

But the biggest reason & the hardest for most people to grasp because of time & commitment issues, is chiropractic to maintain optimal health potential.

Remember that your spine will be your greatest asset as you age or your greatest liability.

This all depends on how you take care of it today & for the rest of your days.

Have forward thinking or see it as an investment in your health.

And I can tell you from 25 years of hands-on experience, that you will never be disappointed with your decision to make a commitment to regular chiropractic care.

It is all natural & will truly add life to your years & years to your life!

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