Work Related Injury Rehab

“Here’s Some Important Work Related Injury Rehabilitation And Treatment Information From Our Burlington Clinic”

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What many people don’t realize is that the Worker’s Safety And Insurance Board, otherwise known as WSIB does provide chiropractic benefits for those injured on the job.

So here are a few things you need to now.

First,  you do not have to consult with your family doctor to receive treatment from a chiropractor if you have suffered a work related injury.  Because chiropractic is a primary form of health care, you can refer yourself to a chiropractor.

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If you do see your family doctor first, you will still require a written referral from them prescribing chiropractic care and you will need to bring with you prescription or referral note with you on your first visit to a chiropractic clinic for treatment of your work place injury.

It is always a good idea to report all work related injuries to your company nurse or human resources representative as soon as they happen.

Do not wait to report the injury and never assume the injury will go away on its own because it rarely does.

You are entitled to 8 weeks of treatment paid by the WSIB for chiropractic care and you may even be eligible for an extension on WSIB coverage, but this will depend on the nature and extent of your injury.

Here at Life Chiropractic Centre, we have successfully applied for coverage on be half of our patients and our staff are fully trained in managing the administration process required to receive this benefit.

Work Place Injuries We Can Help You with

  • Injuries impacting the neck, spine, upper back and lower back.  Injuries to these areas of the body typically occur from a fall or from lifting heavy objects, lifting the wrong way, or repetitive motion injuries.
  • Any type of sprain or strain or minor dislocation of the extremity joints including your shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.
  • We can also help with soft tissue injuries such as tendinitis and strains to ligaments.

It is important to understand that chiropractic relates directly to injuries to the spine, extremity joints, and the soft tissues.

So if you’ve suffered a work related injury and you’re still not sure if chiropractic can help you, I encourage you to give us a call and book a free initial consultation so that we can determine if you have a chiropractic case.

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