Chronic Migraine Pain Relief

“How a Chronic Burlington Migraine Sufferer Finally Got Relief After 30 Years of Pain and Suffering”

About 15 yrs ago a young 35 yr old professional female walked into my office looking just terrible. She said she was desperate. She was having her 3rd migraine that week, her meds were not working anymore and she was beyond desperation with trying to find pain relief.

One of her co-workers suggested she see a chiropractor as it helped her with her tension headaches, so she came in to make an appointment to see if I could help.

She admitted that this was her last resort.

During the consultation I was surprised to hear that she started having headaches at 5 yrs of age !

I immediately assumed that there had been birth trauma but she said as far as she knew there wasn’t. Often times, when the head vacuum or forceps are used to assist the birth process, neck injuries occur & this is where most headaches originate; in the neck.

But no, it wasn’t birth trauma. She told me it was definitely from a fall off a swing at the park landing directly on the top of her head, compressing her neck & that’s when it all started. She said she remembers not being able to move her neck for days after that due to the extreme pain. I asked if her parents or her family doc recommended seeing a Burlington chiropractor at that time and she said no. She said this is when she started taking prescription drugs on the advice of her family doc & that her health started to spiral downward from that point on.

Neck pain quickly turned into tension headaches. Tension headaches became more frequent & more severe. Stronger & stronger medications were prescribed because nothing was working & then the experimental drugs began.

All the while, NO alternative forms of treatment were suggested & by the age of 12, this person was having full blown migraines with nausea, vomiting &  visual disturbances so bad that her eyes would swell shut.

These would happen 2 – 3 times per month which seriously affected her school work & there were no extra- curricular activities at all. The meds were doing nothing but suppressing her appetite & making her very sleepy. But she struggled thru high-school & university as best as she could relying totally on drugs for temporary relief.

In her mid twenties she started to have liver problems due to all the medication she had consumed the past 20 yrs so she demanded more tests to see where these migraines were coming from.

This is when all the brain scans, cat scans & MRI’s started but much to her disappointment, they found nothing. They all came back normal. Perfectly normal. This was baffling even the most highly regarded migraine experts.

When they wrote her a prescription for morphene, that is when she had had enough & found her way into my office.

After I took all my notes, I looked at her posture.

One shoulder was lower than the other, the head was tilted way over to one side & twisted so much that I was surprised she could even walk straight !

I examined her neck very gently & found several areas where there had been damage to the nerves, spine, muscles & ligaments in the neck.

No wonder this person was having migraines. There were serious issues with this person’s neck but none of them were due to a lack of /or the wrong medication.

It was all structural stemming back to that bad fall off the swing.

I immediately sent her for some plain, normal xrays & we found exactly what I had suspected. Several pinched nerves in her neck along with some structural damage but the pinched nerves were my main concern as this is where I knew those migraines were coming from.

After we had reviewed her xrays together, she seemed somewhat relieved.

She said that after countless doctors & specialist appointments for years & years, that what I told her & showed her finally made sense.

So, now we were at the point when it was time for her first chiropractic treatment.

It went extremely well.

She got up & left & I said I’ll see you on Wed. This was on the previous Mon. She said ok, see you Wed. I did see her on that Wed. for her appointment. She walked in & when I saw her she stood up & gave me a big hug with tears in her eyes.

Not what I was expecting.

She told me that after her  1st treatment with me 2 days ago, she went home & lied down because she felt very tired. She did not stir until her husband woke her up the next morning to go to work. She told me she slept for 15 hrs straight without moving.

The first time she could remember but moreover, for all of Tues & up to that point in time when I saw her on the Wed., she had been truly migraine free for the first time in years.

The meds she was taking just numbed the migraine pain ; it was always there in the background.

To  this day, this patient remains migraine free.

The occasional tension headache yes, but none of those blinding migraines where she was bed-ridden in a dark room for 1 to 2 days. And she is thrilled to be off all that medication that was trashing her liver & kidneys. It is so sad that she had to suffer for so long because none of the other doctors dared mention that she try something else because they could not help. But, better late than never !

If you are reading this & suffer from migraines yourself, or any type of headaches ( or you know someone who does ), please learn from this person’s story.

There is hope for all migraine sufferers that does not mean more drugs. Give me a call at 903 335 LIFE ( 5433 ) to  schedule your FREE CONSULTATION. It will not cost you anything but an hour of your time to see if I can help.

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