Chronic Pain Relief

“Important Information For Burlington Chronic Pain Sufferers”

If you are suffering from CHRONIC PAIN ( which means you are in pain all the time ), you need to read this right away.

The reason being I want to share with you some very important information about the purpose of pain & the treatment of pain.

There is no doubt that our society is obsessed with pain, especially chronic pain.

Billboards, magazines, web-sites, TV & radio are heavily populated with advertisements for pain relieving drugs.


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Did you know by the time the average north American reaches the age of 18 years, they will have been witness to about 20,000 hours of drug advertisements ?!

And you wonder why we have a drug problem in our society today?

It doesn’t take people long to figure out that if you’re feeling bad, take a drug to feel better and if your feeling good, take a drug to feel great.

You should keep in mind that prescription & over-the-counter medications account for more deaths than street drugs.

Unfortunately, those suffering with chronic pain are put on the slippery slope of using medication to try & mask the painful symptoms.

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 purchases of over-the-counter pain medication is for headache pain, or pain anywhere else in the body ( lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, hip pain, leg pain, knee pain, foot pain etc.).

But the 2 critical things that many people do not realize is that the pain is usually not the problem, and the damage they are doing to their internal organs by using medication every day to treat their chronic pain.

You Need To Learn About All The Potentially Harmful And Dangerous Side-Effects Of  The Drugs You Are Taking

And you could probably find out more detailed information if you do a google search & you probably should if you are combining drugs.

Let’s say you are suffering from chronic back pain. You have tried the over-the counter- stuff & it did work for a while or it didn’t work at all. Then you went to the family doc for something better & stronger. Maybe an anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxer or a prescription strength pain-killer. Sometimes you can get a combination of all three of these in one tablet.

Stomach & kidneys watch out !

But what if the chronic pain in your back is because you have a scoliosis ( spinal curve ), or an inflamed spinal joint, or a deteriorating disc, or a pinched nerve in your back or any combination of these?

Now ask yourself this … how is a drug going to fix this type of problem?

Remember that just because you are not in pain does not mean that the problem is gone. This is a hugely dangerous mistake that many people make. If you have no pain or symptoms, then you are healthy. If you do, take a powder, pill, prescription, lotion or potion to make it go away then everything is all right again.

If you do think this way about your health, it probably is not your fault.

We have been conditioned for decades by our family docs & the huge pharmaceutical companies that this is the way it is.

Well, let’s think outside the box a little bit.

Understand that your body is a hugely sophisticated & complex organism made up of 100 trillion cells which compose 9 complete systems ( respiratory, reproductive, skeletal, muscular, nerve etc.) which coordinates 10,000 trillion electrical & chemical reactions that take place in your body every SECOND of every day of your life.

I’ll give you a few minutes to really think about that.

Your body also has a very sophisticated IT system where if something is not working or functioning or operating properly, you are going to know about it. You usually know about it right away & in no uncertain terms. It is designed that way to get your attention. The alarm ( pain/symptoms ) is going off, it is annoying you so what do you do?  Take a couple of tablets to cover up the alarm & you keep doing this over & over, day in & day out for weeks, months, even years and then nothing works any more & you have set up a ‘chronic pain syndrome’ in your body.

Not to mention the damage suffered by your stomach, liver & kidneys.

You see, your body is not stupid. It sends you a message ( pain, symptoms ) that there is a problem. You keep trying to shut this protective mechanism down with chemical ( artificial ) intervention ( drugs, medications ). Your body keeps pushing harder & harder to get that message through to you, but you keep trying to quash it with pain-killers. Eventually, the message ( pain/symptoms ) that your body is sending you becomes stuck in the ON position permanently and WHAMMO ! A chronic pain syndrome has been established.

Now what ?

This is when you are told it is all in your head & / or you need to learn how to live with it.

Thanks for looking out for me doc !!!

So, what is so different about chiropractic?

A few things.

One is that we are not obsessed with merely treating your pain or symptoms. What we are mostly concerned with is why are you having the pain / symptoms in the first place. We want to find out why the alarm is going off & this is where we will find the real problem. This is where we will focus our attention; on the cause, not the effects.
Another thing is that we are going to search for the cause of your problem from a spine & nerve system perspective.

This is why…. remember that your nerve sytem ( brain, spinal cord, & nerves ) control & coordinate EVERY function in your body. This system is so important in fact that it has the hardest protection in your body … bone. Your skull is made of bone which protects your major power centre ( the brain ), and your spinal cord ( which connects the brain to your body ) is protected by 24 moveable vertebrae also made of bone. Think about this… the most sensitive & important tissue in your body is protected by the hardest tissue in your body. What if one of these vertebrae are not sitting perfectly in relation to the one above it & the one below it ? I will tell you. It will irritate the nerve & affect the function of that nerve. This also means that the function of the organ or body part that is controlled by this particular nerve will be affected as well – in a negative way. [ And we all have misaligned vertebrae in our spine – it is a fact of life, unless your spine is one solid piece of bone which I highly doubt. ]

When a body part is affected in a negative way, the alarms go off – pain & symptoms.

Yes, a lot of the chronic & painful symptoms that your body will experience can be traced back to your spine & nerve system. A fact of ANATOMY!

So what makes more sense to you? Popping pills or re-aligning vertebrae so that your very sensitive nerves are not irritated & constantly barking at you.

Chiropractors will find out why your problem is there.

The treatment will then address the cause in a gentle,safe & non-toxic way.

With proper treatment, chronic pain syndromes can be broken but it will take time.

There is no such thing as a quick fix especially when it comes to the human body.

Patients have to be patient but the rewards will be worth it.

We will help you & teach you how to take care of your house so that you can live in it for a good & long time!

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