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Leg pain can affect people of all ages; kids and teenagers included not just adults or seniors.

And it is not normal to have pain in the legs & the solution to pain in the legs is NOT painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs or muscle relaxers.

We will identify the most likely areas to have pain in the legs & the most prudent forms of treatment which in the opinion of this author, will not be toxic drugs, medications or other forms of invasive procedures.

Now, lets talk about drugs & medications first to be sure you really understand what they do & their far reaching consequences.

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Most of the time when you seek counsel from a medical practitioner for a health issue, you leave their office with what ? Right, a prescription for a drug/medication. Say you have a pain anywhere in your body. You go to the family doc & you are prescribed a painkiller.

Did you know that pain is a warning signal that something in your body is not right? How does it make any sense that you would ignore or mask or artificially turn off this most important protective mechanism with a drug? Of what benefit would that be to you? It may make you more comfortable, but do you really think the drug is going to fix the problem?

Remember this always; the pain or the symptom is rarely the problem. Pain/symptoms are just signals that your body sends to you to warn you that something is not right. Why in the world any body would promote a chemical intervention to upset this whole mechanism is beyond me?!

Let me put it this way. If you have a car and you are driving down the road & the oil light comes on, what do you do? Well, you have 2 options. You can pull over & disconnect the wire that goes to the oil light in behind the dash so it goes out & continue driving OR, you can take your car to a mechanic & ask them to determine what the problem is. Which option do you think is best for the well-being of your car? I will tell you this. I doubt very few of you or any of you reading this would disconnect the wire to the oil light. You would do the prudent thing and take your car to a mechanic. However, many of you have been educated by the medical establishment to do quite the opposite with your own bodies.

Taking drugs or medications is NO DIFFERENT than disconnecting the oil light. How is it any one can think this would be good for you ? Not to mention the always present & potentially dangerous side-effects of drugs/medications.

Did you know that now in the USA, properly prescribed &/or administered medication is the number 1 cause of death followed by cancer & heart disease ?! Macleans magazine recently reported that medical error accounts for about 40,000 deaths in Canada per year.

How can this be?

Especially when you consider that the US and Canada spend more on health care than most other countries in the world. You would think that we would all live to be a hundred years old & never be sick a day in our lives BUT quite the opposite is true. It is painfully obvious that somebody is not thinking or doing something right.
If you have inflammation in your body why would you want to take an anti-inflammatory ? Did you know that inflammation is part of the healing process & the increased volume of fluid flowing to the injury site is to deliver more nutrients & healing enzymes to an area of your body where the demand is high?

And muscle relaxers … when you have a pinched nerve or inflamed spinal joints, the muscles immediately around the injured area go into a protective ‘spasm’. They get tight to limit any excessive movement of the injured area as normal motion would case further damage.

Why would anyone want to chemically relax such muscles when the body innately is trying to protect itself ? Not to mention all the other muscles in your body as well. You have some pretty important organs in your body that are largely composed of muscle & I doubt that you would want them to relax and take a break.

Leg pain can result from pinched spinal nerves & inflamed spinal joints in the lower spine. These nerves form what is called the sciatic bundle which travels right down each of your legs to your feet. Leg pain can result anywhere along the path of the sciatic nerve. Leg pain can also specifically affect the hip joint(s).

These joints can become misaligned from excessive wear & tear or trauma. The same thing can happen to the knees, ankles & joints of the foot. All of these joints including the joints of the spine can be re-aligned back to an anatomically correct position with chiropractic treatments.

Doesn’t that seem to be a more logical approach as opposed to masking the pain with medication & allowing the joints to suffer further damage ? Also remember that the nerves control every function of every muscle in your body. Again, the nerves from the lower spine control all the muscles in your legs right from your buttocks to your toes. Often times these muscles will get sore, stiff & achey when the lower back nerves or spinal joints become irritated or pinched.

Chiropractic treatments to reduce pinched nerves & joint irritation in the lower spine has a dramatic effect on helping leg muscles feel & function better. So leg pain, whether from a spinal origin or due to a specific joint dysfunction responds extremely well to chiropractic treatments.

Leg pain relief can be realized without medication & the health of the affected joints will improve. This will also improve stability, durability & longevity.

There are way too many hip replacements & knee replacements taking place that could have been prevented with appropriate treatment from the onset.

The approach of drugs, then physio when several trials of drugs fail to work, & then eventually surgery when you realize physio is not the solution
is keeping the orthopaedic surgeons very busy. And we are paying handsomely for it through our tax dollars.

Burlington leg pain is not just an adult problem. Have you ever heard of something called ‘growing pains’ ? Maybe you even experienced growing pains yourself as a kid. Ask yourself this … if growth is a normal process for every living thing on the planet, why would it be a painful process? Do you really think it should hurt to grow?

And the reasons you may have been given to explain growing pains is that ligaments are growing faster than tendons, which grow faster than muscles, which grow faster than bone & that’s why it hurts. ?!!!

Everything grows together at the same rate unless there is some serious health issue going on! Kids have spines & joints just like adults but on a smaller scale. The same exact things can happen to their spine and joints as with adults.

And think about it. When is the most active time of your life? When is it that you suffered the most bumps & bruises ? Without a doubt, it was during your childhood.

And I can safely say that most adult problems can be traced back to some traumatic event(s) during childhood. And I can safely say that most adults I have talked to with leg pains can recall having growing pains as a kid.

Chiropractic treatment for kids who have leg pains has proven tremendously effective. If you live in Burlington, Ontario and are suffering with any type of leg pain, and you have tried the traditional methods without much success, there still is hope. Don’t suffer needlessly. Give chiropractic at our clinic on Guelph Line Road.

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