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LIFE Chiropractic Centre Testimonials


One morning, I went to yawn and extended my mouth to open a little too much. My jaw got locked open and after 20 minutes of massaging my mouth and attempting to close it ourselves we decided to call the chiropractor. Normally I see Dr Lynne, however she wasn’t in. Dr Brad said to come in as soon as possible.

He did an initial attempt to close my mouth, however there was too much swelling at the joints for him to continue. He sent me home with an ice pack, instructions on what to do and to come back that afternoon.  After several hours at home of icing, we went back to see Dr Brad.

He was able to manipulate my jaw to get the right side back in place. He advised we ice and wait another half hour before he went back into my mouth. After that, he was able to get the left side unlocked. He gave advice on what I could drink, how to prevent this from happening again and shared his ideas as to what this could’ve been caused from (tech neck).

I don’t know what we would’ve done without him!

AS (age 15)



A few days after giving birth to my daughter I began having severe chest pain near my ribs. After a couple weeks the pain became debilitating and was spreading down my side and back. After seeing several doctors I was finally diagnosed with neuralgia and muscle spasms, however no one seemed to be able to figure out the exact cause or how to treat it. It was suggested that I see a physiotherapist for relief. After just receiving an assessment the physiotherapist turned me away because the injury was so severe they didn’t know how to treat it. They passed me along to a chiropractor who then also refused to treat me for the same reason. My husband suggested I see the chiropractor he used back when we lived in Burlington, Dr. Brad Ivanchuk. Dr. Brad saw me right away and sent me for spinal x-rays in order to get a correct diagnosis of the problem. He viewed my x-rays the same day, found the cause of my problem and adjusted me. After only one adjustment my pain was now very minimal. It was a night and day difference. After a couple more adjustments both the pain and muscle spasms were all but completely gone. I gladly make the 40
minute drive and cannot thank Dr. Brad enough for completely alleviating the worst pain of my life and allowing me to be the best mother I can be to my new baby.



I would like to write this testimonial to thank Dr Brad for all of his help and understanding throughout our “extreme fussiness” or “colic” phase with our daughter, Taylor.

We came to Dr Brad’s office after two months of yelling, screaming, sleepless nights, and wondering what we were doing wrong. Nothing, I mean nothing we did, car rides, holding, rocking, nursing her or walks in her stroller calmed her down. Medically she was fine, our MD couldn’t find any reason for the “extreme fussiness” and we were told that it would pass. When she was in her colic bouts nothing could stop her for hours. The longest bout was 10 hours: 2pm to 12am of crying. That was the day my in-laws were here and they were all ready to ship her off to the ER to see what was wrong with her.

It was on the suggestion of a friend that I try chiropractic, as she mentioned that a friend of hers had a colicky baby like Taylor and she swore that after one adjustment she was forever changed.

I called Dr Brad’s office and made an appointment. He sat with me patiently listening to the story of her birth and listened to me as I went about telling him how frustrated we were not being able to console her when she cries. He examined her and explained to me what he would do and how the treatment would progress. We started that afternoon.

I was hopeful that the one adjustment would change everything, like it did for a friend, but to be honest it didn’t. It took a few weeks before we noticed a significant change in her. The late night crying subsided, and the evening ones were not as long and drawn out. She still did scream and cry but not for as long and often. She at least seemed to be comforted now by holding her and rocking her in her car seat.

We kept up the appointment and each week we noticed she was becoming quieter and a bit happier. Until one day she was so happy all day, it was wonderful! My husband and I talked and he too saw a huge difference in our little screamer. She seemed content and happy all of a sudden and the crying was minimal.

She is now eight months old. She still at times lets out a high-pitched scream just to get our attention or the attention of others. I won’t say that she doesn’t cry anymore, she does when she is hungry, tired or frustrated because she can’t reach a toy, but I’m happy to say that we are “colic” free and have been for months. Strangers even comment on how happy and content she is. If only they knew what we went through…

We are still keeping our regular chiropractic visits and she is doing well. I can’t even imagine how long this could have lasted if we had not taken the advice of a friend and tried chiropractic.

Many thanks to Dr Brad for his understanding and helping us overcome this unforgettable time in her life and ours. To his staff for always greeting us happily at our appointments and making us feel welcome each and every visit.
H.S. re: daughter Taylor, 10 weeks old


The chiropractor stops my headaches and neck pain. It stops my back pain too. When I leave the chiropractor, I feel refreshed and all my pain is gone.
Courtney, 10 yrs old

The chiropractor helped my neck and my back a long time ago when I was five years old. I started going to the chiropractor when I was two weeks old.
Cameron, 7 years old

I love going to the chiropractor. The receptionists are very friendly and kind. Dr Brad is also very kind and friendly. I feel more relaxed when I leave the chiropractor.
Carlie, 10 years old


I think Life Chiropractic Centre has helped me with my flexibility for my dance, which is very important to me and I think it has decreased my back soreness.
Laura, 14 years old


For years I have suffered with very bad headaches and back problems. Since I have been under chiropractic care, I have reduced my dependence on painkillers (292s and Tylenol 3s). My overall health has improved and so has my family’s since they have attended. Dr Brad has looked after me and my family for over 15 years.

Since I saw you during my pregnancy, you have helped make my delivery smooth. Both my babies saw you within the first month and onward. Their health and my health from coming has reduced sick days for us all.

I am very happy with Dr Brad for the care I have received. When I first came to Life Chiropractic Centre my back was a mess. I was in pain. I have really bad scoliosis and if I didn’t get regular adjustments, I was told from a back specialist that I would be in a wheelchair. I have three children and I live a happy and healthy life because I get regular adjustments.

I was having a difficult time with my neck as well as dealing with depression. After a couple of months of chiropractic care with Dr Brad, I started to feel better. Also, he took time to talk to me. Around 2 years ago I was in a motor vehicle accident. You looked after it right away with great care and also filling in all the forms for me. Your staff is also very friendly and helpful.

I have been seeing chiropractors for about 12 years now. I have had problems off and on with subluxations and aches here and there. I know my health has improved and good health maintained due to chiropractic care. I’m a true believer in chiropractic care and your friendly and caring staff also make a difference. I could not live a healthy life without chiropractic care at Life Chiropractic.

This chiropractic clinic has just begun working with me. However, I haven’t been under chiropractic care for several years. It started when I injured myself tobogganing. The pain I experienced in my leg was like nothing I had ever experienced. At first I did not connect the pain to my back, but my wife had been to chiropractors for years and suggested it may help. After several treatments the pain began to subside and eventually disappeared. Chiropractic care not only relieved the immediate problem, but has kept me functioning with minimal discomfort ever since.

Life Chiropractic has helped me live my life without everyday headaches. Finding Dr Brad was the best thing for me. Having my adjustments done on a bi-weekly basis has really helped me; no more headaches, stiff neck or sore back to keep me from my busy work schedule and my family. Thank you for everything you have taught me about chiropractic care.

Before becoming a patient at Life Chiropractic Centre, I suffered from headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, irritable bowel, stiffness and sciatic nerve problems. I had CT scans, MRIs, blood test, hearing and vision tests. I was on antibiotics, lipro, macrobid, long-term aspirin a day, and Tylenol 3s. My home life was affected because I was limited in what I could do with my son, because I always had a headache or pain in my leg. The dizziness prevented me from driving, or made me nervous if I had to drive. My performance at work suffered because of the headaches. I read a newsletter sent by Life Chiropractic and thought I would give it a try.
I was impressed by the consultation. Dr Brad made me feel very comfortable and erased all the fears I had about chiropractic. I was not rushed and was able to ask questions, and got logical answers about how I was feeling. I was also impressed by the relative ease of getting an appointment, and also the relief from the adjustments.
On the very first visit, I noticed my vision and dizziness improved. My stiff neck and headache were gone temporarily. I can honestly say my headaches have improved by 90%, the dizziness and blurred vision have improved by 80%, the irritable bowel syndrome is 75% improved and the sciatica has improved by 50% over a two-month period.
I’d also like to add that the reception staff are very friendly and accommodating.

When I started at Life Chiropractic Centre, I suffered from chronic migraines and occasional lower back pain. With progressive treatment, the headaches and lower back pain went away. My posture and general well-being improved.
Life Chiropractic has helped me recover from whiplash resulting from being rear ended twice in my car. I don’t even want to think about what condition I’d be in without chiropractic treatment.
Dr Brad has also helped my husband and two children when it came to better posture, getting rid of headaches, and proper walking (ie, straight forward, not side-to-side), not to mention getting fewer flus and colds.
We are all on maintenance and make sure to come in every three weeks. Chiropractic care from Life is something we definitely don’t want to be without!

During the past two years I have gone through the three stages of wellness care, intensive, reconstructive and wellness care; and have improved my physical condition 150%. I cannot imagine not having regular adjustments that give me the knowledge that I am doing the right thing in protecting me against future degeneration of my spine. I find that having regular treatment, I have more energy, definitely less pain, and feel more confident in my physical condition.
I would definitely recommend Dr Brad to anyone who has not discovered the benefits of good health and wellness.

When I first came to Life Chiropractic it was because of chronic lower back pain, and numerous headaches which seemed to radiate from the back of my neck. Within a few weeks, my headaches became less frequent and it now has been months since I have had one!!
Within three months I was experiencing noticeably less lower back pain and this also has been missing for a number of months!! Thank you for relieving me of my headaches and lower back pain.

Regular chiropractic treatments have eliminated numbness in my hands in the morning. I’ve noticed that I no longer have a problem with my legs and feet going numb after sitting all day at work either. Headaches have been reduced and my lower back rarely bothers me anymore.

Four months ago I would never have thought it possible that I would ever feel this good again. My neck and hip pain is gone and my headaches are practically gone.
Everyone at Life Chiropractic Centre has been especially helpful and caring, therefore making my recovery speedy and pleasant.
Being pain free affects one’s outlook on life in a positive way and I highly recommend it.

I had tried four chiropractors prior to finding Dr Brad. I saw a tremendous difference in the person who referred me (who incidentally has worked on the Ford auto line for the past 7 years and finally felt pain free since becoming a patient at Life Chiropractic) and have never regretted the small investment for such great reward! For the first time since grade 9 (almost 15 years ago!) the numbness and pain in both of my wrists is now non-existent and my severe, prolonged headaches are reduced from a daily occurrence to 1-2 times per month, if that! Thank you!

When I first started I was a bit skeptical, but Dr Brad was very easy to talk to and explained things very simply. I had a lot of pain after the birth of my second child and had gone to doctors but they would tell me it was rheumatism, but I decided to try a chiropractor after hearing a lot of good things about it and my niece was also going into the field. After a year of going through treatments the pain was gone – it had been due to my pelvis being twisted during my son’s labour. Anyway, I felt so much better: more energy, I was able to fight off the flu and colds much better. I also brought my two boys to Dr Brad. He was wonderful with them. He has kept them in good shape through a few broken bones…they have stayed healthy and been able to fight off the colds and flu without medication. Dr Brad has been wonderful to my mother over the past couple of years. She kept in good shape.
He also helped me this year as it was stressful, with some difficult times. I always feel better, helps keep things under control without medication and I believe my immune system is stronger for this. Thanks again.

Life Chiropractic Centre has helped me and other members of my family for the past five years with a number of back and neck problems. In addition to regular adjustments, I had an amazing recovery from a severely sprained ankle thanks to Dr Brad’s help and treatments a couple of years ago. Problems with pinched nerves in the neck and an immobilized left arm were also treated successfully at Life Chiropractic. My current problems resulting from a broken shoulder and jarred neck continue to receive treatment and I am hopeful of achieving the positive results I have had in the past.

Prior to my first visit, I had four acute low-back pain attacks over a month-long period, each time preventing me from being mobile for several days and missing 1-2 weeks of work.
Since starting chiropractic I have never had a recurrence whereby the pain was so severe as to prevent mobility. I have had a flare up twice in the past 10 years, however, getting in for an adjustment right away kept me going and pain free afterwards. Prevented a flare up driving a long, one-day course by having 3 or 4 adjustment during the previous week.

What can I say! No more headaches! Less back pain! More range of motion! No neck pain! Great all around. Thank you for your help!

Chiropractic care has improved the feeling in my extremities. I found that before chiropractic care long runs would result in numbing of my fingers and especially my thumbs. This problem has been resolved.

I am still not in the best shape I could be, but chiropractic care has certainly started me down that road. I am almost pain free and wonder how I ever functioned before.

Pain in neck reduced to discomfort only and I’m sure will diminish further as therapy progresses. Flexibility in neck greatly improved. No noticeable change in lower and mid back, but then I didn’t have pain symptoms there anyway. Sleep and general health seem improved.

Chiropractic care has eased my back pain over the years. The pain has been ongoing and each adjustment has made it much less painful. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone who has chronic back or neck pain.

Before seeing Dr Brad it hurt to even sit. Now through all the years of coming I feel I am healthier than ever, and even after a minor car accident that would have probably taken months to feel better, it only took about 3 weeks of 3 times per week. Thanks a lot for everything you have done. I really appreciate it. Here to another 10 years, I hope!

A fall from 22 feet up, hitting my service van feet first, then the pavement head first, changed my life drastically. Chiropractic has gotten me back to a life better than I could have imagined two years ago. My body relies on my tune up on a regular basis which lets me live quite a normal life with some changes as expected. Thank you.

I have been a client at Life Chiropractic Centre since October 1st, 2001. I was having severe pain on the right side of my neck and shoulder. After what I consider to be a very thorough examination including x-rays, Dr Brad advised me that there were three areas of my spine that needed attention. A program was developed and after a couple of weeks, the pain subsided. I have noticed those small annoying pains in the small of my back have vanished also. I have more energy and am feeling great. If anyone is experiencing any type of pain, I would strongly recommend they pay a visit to Dr Brad. It has really helped me.

It is the best thing I decided to come to the chiropractic clinic. It has been great for me because I can do things better now, like bend over to pick things up from the floor or ground without hurting or pain now and my ability to do more things. Thank you for your help!

I have been under Dr Brad’s care for many years. Chiropractic care has helped me through 3 pregnancies, each “labour” was 3 hours or less, thanks to the proper adjustment of my bones. I attribute my family’s infrequent illnesses to chiropractic care. My 3 children do not miss school as a result of sickness, and I have not missed a day of work for illness in the last 5 years. I am an ambassador of chiropractic care and promote it whenever I can.

I have been seeing chiropractors for about 12 years now. I have had problems off and on with subluxations and aches here and there. I know my health has improved and good health maintained due to chiropractic care. I’m a true believer in chiropractic care. (Your friendly and caring staff makes all the difference.) I fell with a fridge when I was 17 years old and my aches and pains come mainly from that injury. I could not live a healthy life without chiropractic care at Life Chiropractic. Thanks again.

Since I saw you during my pregnancy, you helped make my delivery smooth. Both my babies saw you within the first month and onward since. Their health and my health from coming here has reduced sick days for us all. Thanks.

I feel I have improved immensely under Dr Brad’s care in the short time attending Life Chiropractic Centre. The reason I am saying this is, I had been attending a chiropractor close to my place of employment for many years. Having retired from my job, I decided to ask Dr Brad to take me on as a patient (thanks to my wife). He immediately sent me for x-rays and upon consultation he diagnosed my situation and started me on a course of treatment which I am still on. In my previous years I had never had x-rays or a consultation. Having seen the x-rays and being consulted I understand my situation and condition and feel 100% better since starting my treatment.

A flare up of a long ago slipped disc problem brought me to Life Chiropractic Centre about 5 years ago. Since the original treatment and the ongoing maintenance program, I have been pain free and mobile. I like that!

I’ve been Dr Brad`s patient for 20 years. It all started when I sneezed one day and couldn’t get my head off my shoulder. Chiropractic was suggested to me and I gave it a try. X-rays uncovered I had a phase II neck and mild scoliosis in my lower back. I stuck with chiropractic through the first year. At that time in my life I was newly married, hoping to have a baby, but had not yet been blessed with one. Previous to the chiropractic, we had been trying unsuccessfully for 18 months. Life was stressful at the time because my mother-in-law was dying, and our family was close. Within six months of starting corrective care, I became pregnant. The stress level had not changed; in fact it was getting worse. Nothing else in my healthcare regime had changed. All I can point to is the chiropractic. We lost my mother-in-law, but six months later I had a beautiful baby girl, and I now have two lovely, healthy daughters.
My daughters are now teenagers and I’ve had them checked for subluxations too. Guess what? They have the same scoliosis in their lower back as I have, because subluxations are hereditary. I am hoping they can avoid the pain I suffered by maintaining their spinal alignment.
My weekly maintenance schedule has diminished the asthma and allergies I’ve suffered with since childhood to the point that I no longer need a puffer or antihistamines. After all those allergy shots, inhalers, antihistamines, eye drops, and Kleenex; I am happy to be drug free!

In January 2013, my daughter Kristen asked me to attend a Living Principals seminar presented by Life Chiropractic. Kristen was already a patient. I had my reservations, but because it meant a lot to her, I was there to show her my support. Not only did Kristen want to learn more, she wanted me to learn the benefits for my well being. Like most people, I as well thought Chiropractor’s deal with injuries. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
After going to the inter-active seminar and learning so much in a few short hours, I decided to schedule an appointment for a consultation. It’s not only about Chiropractic adjustments, I learned a lot about the simple things you can do to promote and live a healthier life. Deep inside I already knew; but I admired their approach. It really made me listen and understand chiropractic services as they walked me through the program.
In the beginning of February, I started with the “bursts” (short sets of cardio) every other day in the comfort of your own home, with zero gym fees. What a great way to start your day; it only takes minutes.
On February 11th, I started a 10 day mild cleansing program. This is a very easy to follow program that allows you to eat more than I could eat. Each day is outlined with no second guessing. On the 5th day, my sister passed away. I was determined to complete the 10 days. I felt so good after the cleansing I decided to continue using the food guidelines from the mild cleansing program. Being Italian, I now eat spelt pasta and bread which is better for the digestive system and of course being a rice lover, there is always wild rice. This is not a diet; there are so many choices and options to choose from. Dr Milen is a wealth of information when it comes to nutrition. It feels great going a longer period of time without feeling hungry.
Three and half months later and 19 pounds lighter, I am still going strong. I haven’t felt this great about myself in a very long time due many of life challenges. This may sound cliché´; however I have a lot more energy and I enjoy getting compliments on how great I look. At the age of 54, the compliments are more rewarding.
Mentally, only time will help me heal the loss of my beautiful angel. I am so grateful for my health, well being and my two beautiful daughters.
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Dr Milen, Dr Brad, Cheryl and Tina for their continuous support.

I first began chiropractic care in January 2013 to help with the constant aches and pains that I assumed were just a part of getting older and to help with digestive issues. I was so used to living with the pain, that I just thought it was a normal part of living. After a few months under Dr Brad’s care, I quickly learned that pain is not a lifestyle.
In May 2013 I was involved in a minor fender bender that did some more-than-minor damage to my back and neck and left me in a lot of pain. Dr Brad, Cheryl, and Tina worked with me and my insurance company to ensure that I returned to where I was prior to the accident. I was on the mend once again when I suffered injury to my sciatic nerve, and was barely able to move. My first adjustment had me yelling out in pain and in tears on the table, but my range of motion and pain lessened with each adjustment.
I am now pain free, walking as I should be, my IBS symptoms have lessened, and I feel so much better. My asthma symptoms have lessened significantly and I am able to bend over and squat down once again!


I became bedridden with the most severe pain due to a sacroiliac problem. I began receiving Demerol injections for pain every 12 hours from registered nurses. The pain persisted for 21 days. A friend suggested I try Life Chiropractic Centre and after each treatment by Dr Brad, my pain abated and I am now pain free. I am 77 years young and an avid golfer. I thank Dr Brad and staff very much.

I have seen the “before and after” x-rays. They show positive improvement the chiropractic adjustments were able to achieve. Regular chiropractic is important to keep the aches and pains at bay. It is like a tune-up on an ongoing basis.

Due to tension and stress I was clenching my jaw daily, causing jaw ache, headache, and general discomfort. Chiropractic visits have virtually cleared this problem. My lower back was also out of alignment causing considerable pain when I needed to shovel snow or tend to my garden. Thankfully this is also so much better.

After having spent most of my life at a drafting board, I suddenly developed back and neck ache. I had been to several different chiropractors and was actually seldom pain free. Then I came to Life Chiropractic. Dr Brad prescribed daily exercises and weekly adjustments. In the beginning, I ran into problems caused by gardening and snow shoveling etc, which required me to have a few extra adjustments. Dr Brad always helped me over these difficult times. Right now, I am on a 10 day maintenance schedule without pain or discomfort.

I couldn’t bend my head back to normal without using my hands, after viewing the ceiling of an ancient church. I couldn’t stand up quickly without emitting a little yelp of pain – my back hurt so. Several visits to the chiropractor made a big difference. Since then, regular check ups have kept me active and in good shape “for my age”.


I just wanted to let you know how Laser Therapy has helped me with my sinusitis. Two years ago I had sinusitis and my physician treated me with antibiotics. This did nothing to lessen the pain of my excruciating sinus headaches that took two months to go away.
In July, the sinusitis came back with a vengeance. Antibiotics, 5-7 Advils per day, and ice packs did not help. I was getting as little two hours sleep at night. However, after 3 laser sessions in 5 days, the headaches stopped. I could finally sleep through the night. Three weeks later I could sleep on my right side without sinus pressure building up for the first time in 2 months. Once I completed the course of laser therapy sessions, I had clear sinuses and could detect scents I had not smelled in 3 years. Thank to you and your staff for this life improving therapy.

At 42 years of age, I started Cold Laser Therapy after being diagnosed with bone spurs/arthritis on the neck. I suffered from stiff necks and shooting pain. I have just finished my twelfth visit of Cold Laser Therapy and have noticed a significant difference. The pain and stiffness have been reduced dramatically. I will continue with the maintenance program to ensure continual healing. I have told many friends and relatives about this painless, simple procedure and I am sure some will soon be taking advantage of it as well.

I have been using laser treatment for my cold sores and highly recommend it. It is a terrible feeling when you get a cold sore and before the laser treatments they would take about a week to clear up. I was getting one a couple of times a year and have had some scarring from a really bad one. It is important to get a treatment as quickly as possible because they do not get any bigger once treated. My last cold sore was treated within a couple of hours of it starting so it stayed really tiny and cleared in a couple of days. I now get a preventative treatment every 3 months and I am thrilled to say I have not had a cold sore in over a year. It is such an easy thing to do, I wish I would have known about it years ago.

I had been living with frequent cold sores for as long as I can remember. The cold sores were not only painful, but more so a huge embarrassment to me, impacting my self confidence. A friend recommended me to Life Chiropractic Centre for the Cold Laser Therapy. When I attended my first treatment I had a cold sore just starting. I was very pleased that after a couple of treatments the sore was completely gone. I have continued with monthly maintenance treatments and to date I have been free from any cold sores. Thanks to the team at Life Chiropractic Centre for the success in treating my cold sore issue and for their very professional and courteous service.

I must admit that, when my family physician initially referred me to a chiropractor nine years ago, I was very skeptical that my suspected carpal tunnel syndrome and “golf elbow” could benefit from chiropractic treatment. How wrong I was! Dr Brad soon determined that my problems stemmed from degenerative discs and arthritis in my neck and lower back. Over the years, regular chiropractic adjustments have greatly reduced my pain and helped me maintain increased flexibility. The weeks of immobility that I used to experience when I “put my back out” are a thing of the past, and I have learned that chiropractic treatment can help to resolve many additional health issues. I now consult Dr Brad for assistance with virtually any physical problem I experience. He always listens attentively and is eager to help. Chiropractic has made a huge difference to my quality of life and I strongly recommend it!

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