Managing Stress – Part 4

“Stress Reduction Series Burlington – Part 4

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The next thing I suggest you learn how to do is meditate.

A very basic description regarding meditation is knowing how to train your mind to think about nothing.

Being able to shut down all the brain noise & your stinkin’ thinkin’ will have a profound effect on reducing body tension & mental tension.

The fact is , the more tension that you hold in your body, the less health potential you will have.

Always remember that the mind & body are inseparable.

The mind ( your thoughts ) will always have a significant impact on your physical body & health, & vice-versa.

There are several different schools & practices of meditation & I couldn’t begin to tell you which one to try.

But, what I can tell you is that your local library should have several instructional books & CD’s on meditation.

And, you can always do some research in the comfort of your own home on your computer.

Meditation has been practiced by various cultures for centuries & it is not uncommon in these cultures for children to learn how to meditate at an early age.

Some people who are committed to their cultural traditions or the practice of meditation in general will meditate twice per day usually for about 15 to 30 minutes each time.

This is usually done first thing in the morning to clear your mind for the day that is ahead of you & again in the evening before sleeping to let go of all the frustrations & challenges that you may have experienced during the day.

Find a style that you like and just do it.

Even if it is only 3 times per week [ which is better than nothing at all ].

Once you get good at it & experience it’s benefits with respect to stress management, I doubt you will ever want to stop.

Next week Part 5 will continue with stress management tips.

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