Osteoporosis Mediation

“Osteoporosis Mediation Watchout From Our Burlington Clinic”

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You better think twice if you are taking MEDICATION FOR OSTEOPOROSIS……..

Recent reports tell us that BISPHOSPONATES, very popular osteoporosis drugs, are now linked to esophageal cancer.

In fact, they may actually double the risk!

It is already common knowledge that bisphosphonates could cause severe problems for your esophagus, like inflammation and ulcers especially if you do not take the drugs exactly correctly, which is more difficult than you would think.

And do not forget bone death & abnormal fractures to mention a couple more potential problems.

With cancer added to the list, it is appalling that the FDA still says that the benefits outweigh the risk.

They don’t.

These drugs are not worth the risk especially when there are safe & very effective natural alternatives.

Do your research!


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