Watch Your Pasta Intake

“Pasta Health Advise From Our Burlington Clinic Experts”

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Many people think that eating pasta frequently is good for you, but you should consider the following.

White and whole wheat pasta both contain gluten; a protein that is not all that friendly to the human body.

Also, these have a high glycemic index which means that they are easily converted into sugar.

Sugar then causes your pancreas to secrete insulin and too much insulin in the body can cause a multitude of health problems.

So here are a couple of healthy pasta-eating tips…

Cook your pasta al dente – the harder it is, the lower the glycemic index.

Foods that have a low glycemic index are healthier foods & better for you.

Choose gluten-free pasta or rice pasta.

These are much healthier for you.

Pasta is best when eaten as a lunch dish or before athletic activity.

This way you will burn off the calories that it provides.

Having a large amount of pasta for your dinner-time meal will just cause weight gain, bold sugar issues & stress on your heart.

Think light & eat right – smaller portions more frequently throughout the day will work much better for you.

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