Balanced Posture

“The Effects of Balanced Posture
On Your Health’

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Over the next few weeks we will be discussing posture as very few people pay attention to this aspect of their health care.

Today we are going to learn about ‘balanced posture’.

Balanced posture is the position where there is the least amount of stress on your muscles and spinal joints.

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One way to check for balanced posture is to see if the opening to your ear canal lines up directly over the middle of your deltoid (shoulder muscle) when you are standing in a normal and relaxed position.

If the line that connects these two points is straight up and down, we will call this the ‘balanced posture line’.

Now this is the important part. For every inch your head is in front of the balanced posture line (forward head posture), the weight of your head as perceived by your neck muscles and the spinal joints in your neck increases by a factor of 10!

So, if your head weighs 10 lbs for example which is about average, holding your head 1 inch in front of the balanced posture line will put twice as much or 20 lbs of weight on your neck muscles and the spinal joints in your neck. Two inches of forward head posture will put 30 lbs of weight and so on.

Please join us again next time as we will continue with this topic and learn about the implications that unbalanced posture has on your spine and especially your health.

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