Chiropractic Care For Athletes

Are There Many Athletes Who Use Chiropractic Care?”

Chiropractic Care For Athletes Burlington

And the answer to this question is … YES.

Athletes all over the planet in most every sport use chiropractic care as part of their overall healthcare, fitness and performance maintenance program.

Remember that chiropractic adjustments improve nerve system function and joint conditioning both of which have a direct effect on athletic performance.

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The effect of the chiropractic adjustment improves biomechanical function and enhances overall conditioning which is important in situations where extreme and/or continuous repetitive movement is required.

Examples are skating,running, throwing a baseball or football, shooting a puck, swinging a tennis racket, kicking a soccer ball.

Right or left handed sports also create imbalance issues as one side of the body over-develops due to repetitive use.

Look at a professional tennis player’s arms and the arm they hold the racket in can sometimes be almost twice as big compared to the other.

It is impossible for this not to have an effect on one’s structural health.

Chiropractic also helps athletes fine-tune their muscles and joints for high level performance which also helps to reduce long term wear and tear.

They also notice less injuries and shorter healing times when they are injured when under regular chiropractic care.

This is why it would be highly unlikely that you would find an individual high performance athlete or a professional sports team that does not have a chiropractor whether it is the NFL, NBA or NHL.

Over the past 28 years I have personally helped hundreds of up and coming high performance athletes as well as the week-end warrior with much success.

Chiropractic care most definitely helps them stay in the game longer and play the game better.

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