Chiropractic Care For Concussions

“Here Is Some Valuable Information From Our Burlington Clinic About Chiropractic Care And It’s Role In The Treatment Of Concussions”

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There has been a lot of attention surrounding this issue over the past few years especially with the number of high profile professional athletes who have been victimized by this injury.

And of course, because there is such a strong hockey culture here in Canada, most of us know how this injury affected Sidney Crosby who is arguably the best hockey player in the world.

What all concussion victims should know is that Sidney started seeing a chiropractor this past summer who specializes in neurology & brain injuries.

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And even though he was well cared for by his team doctors & other specialists, it was his treatments with this particular chiropractor that really accelerated his recovery.

In fact, he is now expected to return to play sometime before the end of November.

It is important to understand that a concussion is when the brain violently strikes the inside of the skull resulting in very simplistic terms, a bruise.

This can happen from either a direct blow to the head as it did with Sidney, or it can happen from a violent movement of the head & neck with minimal or no contact as would be the case in a whiplash injury.

The swelling of the brain tissue, which happens when any type of tissue is bruised, is what causes all the unfavourable symptoms associated with a concussion.

If you or your child has suffered one or more concussions, regular chiropractic adjustments can still be a huge benefit to you & will complement any medical treatments you may still be having.

Re-aligning any misaligned bones in the head, neck or jaw will assist the recovery process & will help heal the injured soft-tissues around the head & neck.

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