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“As A Burlington Chiropractor, I Believe Many People Suffer From What I Call A Chiropractic Disconnection … Here’s What I Mean By This”

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This is a concept that many patients & sadly enough ( in my opinion ) that some chiropractors too have a hard time grasping.

And it all stems from the ‘quick fix’ mentality that has evolved its way into our society over the last 200 yrs that under the guidance of the medical profession & all the drug companies.

This has led us down a pathway where people are not taking responsibility for their own health.

Not only this, but the gift of the human experience that has been bestowed upon their spirit & the magnificent human body that accompanies this experience has been dismissed by many and taken for granted.

People continually ignore their health & continually pollute their bodies with legal drugs, illegal drugs, smoke, alcohol, fast foods, processed foods etc. & then all they do is complain when things start to break down & their health starts failing them.

Usually by this point it is too late & they find themselves looking for a miracle cure & this is what the medical profession & the drug companies like to promise.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Doctors & drugs do have their place but I think that we could minimize visits to the doctor & cut back on how many medications we take if we learn how to take good care of our ‘house’ in the first place.

In other words, becoming good stewards of our body. And how we do this is to stay connected which I will clarify a little later on.

But first, we need to understand the 2 predominant models of health care that are available for us to choose from. One is a mechanistic model & the other is the vitalistic model. The mechanistic model is the more popular one in our society today & is the one that is supported by the medical profession & the pharmaceutical companies.

The mechanistic model says that the human body is just that. A bunch of mechanical parts that sometimes can be replaced and does not recognize that the body is a self-regulating & self-healing organism. Drugs & surgery are the treatments of choice in the mechanistic model.

The vitalistic model on the other hand does recognize the body as a self-regulating & self-healing organism, & that there is a power inside the human body & its purpose is to regulate, heal & give it life. And we cannot deny that there is a power within all of us. When we cut our finger, does it eventually heal? Yes it does. But what if we cut the finger of a cadaver ( dead person)? Will the cadaver’ s finger heal?

Everyone knows that it will not. But why?

Why will a living finger heal from a cut but a dead finger will not?

Well, one is living & one is not.

The living tissue has the capacity to heal.

Now what is the difference between a living person & a cadaver?

Well, one of the criteria that need to be met when one is officially declared to be dead is that their brain no longer registers any electrical activity.

Electrical activity is equivalent to power.

You need power to run your blender, correct? Where does the power come from? An outlet in the wall. What comes out of the outlet? Electricity. Electricity is a form of power.

The Human Brain Generates The Power Or Electricity That Is Required To Run The Body

So how does this power get from the brain to the rest of your body, like the finger in our example?

Well, all of the billions of nerve fibres ( neurons ) that originate in your brain form into a cord that travels all the way down the inside of your spine and is secured at your coccyx ( tailbone ).

This is called the spinal cord.

Branching off of the spinal cord are what are called nerve roots. These come out in between the vertebrae & you have 33 pairs. Nerve roots are a smaller bundle of neurons (millions instead of billions) that divide into millions of nerves that travel to ‘every organ,tissue & cell’ in your body.


To supply every organ,tissue & cell in your body with power.

Power to do what?

The power that is required to function, regulate & heal. Understand that the nerves from the neck supply the power to your arms all the way down to your fingers. In a living person, the cut finger will heal because there is power in the arm.

But, in our cadaver there is no power so that is why there is no healing.

Now, this is so important to understand.

Power is not an ‘all or none’ thing.

When the power is turned completely off, there is death or paralysis depending upon where the spinal cord was injured.

But what if there was just an irritation or slight compression on the spinal cord or a nerve root?

What scientific research has shown us is that poor spinal posture can result in a tensile stress on the spinal cord.

This means the spinal cord will stretch ( up to 6 cm ) & the more that it stretches, the less it will be able to transmit the power.

Another study demonstrated that when a vertebra is misaligned and irritating a nerve root, the nerve root can lose up to 60% of its capacity to transmit the power.

When an organ, tissue or cell is receiving less than optimal nerve supply due to spinal cord stress (poor posture) &/or misalignment of the spinal vertebrae, it is obviously not fully connected to main power supply ( your brain ).

In other words, it is partially disconnected.

Do you think that this is good for your health & well-being or bad for your health & well-being?

When there is disconnection, that specific organ, tissue or cell will start to dysfunction.

When something starts to dysfunction in most cases there will be a symptom.

Now, What Have We Been Educated To Do When We Get Symptoms?

Powders, pills, medications, lotions & potions.

Do you really think that these will improve the connection?

Not a chance!

Just because the symptoms may be temporarily relieved, that does not mean the cause of the problem has been corrected.

And the fact is my friends, that powders,pills,prescriptions,lotions & potions will cause more disconnection.

The more disconnection you have in your body, the less vital you become.[ FYI; Oxford definition of vital means to be ‘full of life & energy.’ ] So this is what chiropractic is really all about. Making sure that your spinal cord & all 33 pairs of nerves are working optimally.

And the only way they can work optimally is when you have good posture & all the spinal vertebrae are positioned properly so they do not irritate the nerve roots.

This is what we do.

Then and only then can every organ, tissue & cell in your body receive a full supply of power & be fully connected, healthy & vital.

If we all had chiropractic care on a regular basis, there would be less sick people, less pain & suffering,fewer people on drugs, fewer people having surgery & less people living in nursing homes.

Chiropractors are not doctors of mechanism.

We are doctors of vitalism & if this is important to you, then I invite you to join our family practice.

Just call to make an appointment.

There is never any charge to talk to me & feel free to bring in your family & friends.

Vitalism is everyone’s birth right.

Stay connected my friends!

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