Benefits Of A Comprehensive Case Review Of Your Health History

Hello everyone.

Dr Brad here again.

Over the past few weeks we have talked about how certain household activities can cause some mom’s to have aches and pains in their neck, shoulders and lower back.

I also gave you some stretches and postural tips on how to prevent these things from happening.

If you have tried some of these and you’re still struggling, there is most likely an underlying problem. Symptoms such as aches and pains are often times the secondary problem. The underlying or primary problem in this circumstance, would logically be a spinal misalignment or postural distortion in the spine.

And this is what I can help you figure out.

What we would need to do first is a comprehensive case review.

A comprehensive case review is a thorough health history from as far back as you can remember up to the present day and a detailed postural analysis. This part is complimentary and will let us both know if you have an issue with your spine and posture system.

And if you do, and with your consent we would proceed with an interactive functional and neurological examination and structural radiographs (if required) to assess your spinal alignment and measure your posture.

Next, we would sit down together to review your radiographs. I will show you what the issues are, how they relate to your current problem(s) and more importantly and most importantly, what potential future health issues you need to be aware of.

Next we would discuss care plan options and then the decision to proceed is totally up to you.

If this sounds good to you, your next step is to pick up the phone and call to make an appointment for your comprehensive case review.

The phone number to call here in Burlington is 905 335 LIFE (5433).

If you get a voicemail, please clearly leave your name and phone number and we will return your call as soon as we can.

I look forward to meeting you in person and I look forward to helping you reclaim your health.

Better posture helps your body move better. And when it moves better it works better. And when it works better you feel better.

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