Cures For Kids Clinic

Cures For Kids Clinics Exclusively At Life Chiropractic Centre In Burlington

Burlington chiropractorMay is recognized as Spinal Health Month by the chiropractic profession in Ontario, and we always like to provide a community service for both our practice members and non-practice members alike.

We will be holding 3 Cures for Kids Clinics during the entire month of May on the following Mondays; 6th, 13th and 27th.

This is a free clinic and open to children of all ages.

Now, why would you want to bring your kids to one of our clinics?

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Well, if they have never had a proper & thorough spinal examination, this is their opportunity to get one.

But especially if they suffer from headaches, frequent colds, ear infections, or they have conditions such as asthma or allergies, or they complain of pain in their lower back or their legs ( growing pains ); we can help with all of these and there are no drugs & no surgery involved.

Also, if you have noticed that your kids have poor posture and they slouch a lot, we will even provide a special computerized posture scan to show you any areas of concern.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn about chiropractic and how it can benefit the health of your children, and there are absolutely no obligations on your part.

Cures for Kids Clinic at Life Chiropractic Centre.
Monday May 6th, 13th & 27th, 2013.
6:30 pm sharp.

To confirm your attendance or for more information please call us at 905 335 LIFE ( 5433 ).

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