“Diabetes And Chiropractic Care”

Dr Brad Ivanchuk here and I am a Burlington, Ontario chiropractor, Certified Posture Expert and Certified Postural Neurologist at Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph Line.

I was doing some research on the greatest health risks facing Canadians currently and diabetes made the top of the list.

In fact, the numbers are nothing short of staggering.

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Between 1999 and 2009, diabetes increased by 70% and for the age group 35 to 44 years, the number of cases actually doubled during the same decade.

So, this is what compelled me to share with you what you can do to prevent the onset of diabetes in your family so that you or your kids do not become one of these ugly statistics.

Type 1 diabetes does not have a clear cause. Type 2 diabetes may be caused by genetics and lifestyle factors.

Even though you can effectively manage your blood sugar in most cases with proper exercise and healthy food choices, there is one thing that is continuously overlooked which is certainly worth reviewing again considering the statistics and that is … how sitting is making you sick.

Let us review the consequences that prolonged sitting has on your health. Not only is it terrible for your lower back, but it also stops your joints from moving, it stops your muscles from firing and it slows down your heart rate.

The result of the latter 3 things in particular is that your body’s calorie burning rate drops to 1 calorie per hour.

This is one third of what it would be if you were walking.

Prolonged siting also decreases your insulin sensitivity. What this means is that your insulin does not work as effectively as it should and this significantly increases your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.

So, aside from proper exercise and healthy food choices, here are 3 other things you and your kids absolutely must do to prevent the onset of diabetes.

One is to make sure you take posture breaks from sitting every 20 minutes.

This is highly recommended by the American Posture Institute which is the leading authority on posture. Standing up for 30 seconds every 20 minutes is more than adequate.

Secondly, make sure to sit on a posture disc or an exercise ball so that you continually engage your core muscle activity.

And finally, make sure that your posture system is as healthy as it can be. (And this is where I can help you.)

We have talked about this ad infinitum but remember that your posture system has a direct impact on the function of all your internal organs including your pancreas.

Your pancreas is what produces insulin which is the hormone needed to control your blood sugar.

I hope that you have found this information helpful and as always, if you have any questions on this topic or any other health concerns you may have or your kids may have, please give me a call. Consultations in our office are always free of charge and these include a detailed postural analysis.

We also offer family appointments where we can check you and your kids all at the same time. Our phone number here is Burlington is 905 335 5433 (LIFE) or you can email me directly by clicking on the link right on our home page.

Remember that good posture is always by design and never by circumstance.

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