Fighting Obesity

“Here’s A More Effective Approach For Fighting Obesity”

Hello everyone. Dr Brad here and I am a Burlington, Ontario chiropractor at Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph Line.

Today we are going to talk about obesity.

A few weeks ago the New England Journal of Medicine reported that more than 10% of the world population is now obese.

And that obesity is leading to wide-spread health problems and millions of pre-mature deaths.

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In November of 2015, the New York Times reported that despite years of effort to reduce obesity in America, it continues to be on the upswing.

And things are no better here in Canada.

Up to 60% of the adult population are overweight or obese according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and what is even more disturbing is that 13% of kids aged 3 to 19 are classified as being obese.

So why is it, despite all the effort and increased awareness about exercise, healthy food choices, diet and the dangers of obesity, that this problem continues to get worse?

One reason is that most people who choose to exercise in an attempt to lose weight, often times get frustrated and quit because they see little to no results. And we are going to spend some time talking about this in our next posting.

But the biggest reason in my opinion, and we spent a lot of time learning about this over the past few weeks and it certainly bears worth mentioning again, is too many stress hormones.

Remember that spinal misalignments and postural distortions will signal your brain to flood your body with stress hormones.

And one of those stress hormones is cortisol. Good in the short-term but bad for you in the long-term. And all the research tells us that long-term exposure to cortisol will lead to weight gain and obesity.

So, a more effective and logical approach to obesity would be this.

First, address all spinal misalignments and postural distortions to bring all your hormones back into a healthy balance.

Second, learn how to exercise effectively. Thirdly, make healthy food and diet choices.

You can find volumes of good information about this on the internet.

All you need to do is take the time to do your due diligence. Or you can seek professional guidance for this.

If you have any questions on this topic or any other health concerns you may have or your kids may have, please call me.

Remember that consultations are always free of charge and these also include a free posture check. We offer this as a community service.

We also offer family appointments where we can check everyone at the same time. And this is recommended because spinal problems and posture distortion patterns tend to run in families.

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Remember too that good posture is always by design and never by circumstance.

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