"Common Postural Issues With Seniors"

Dr Brad Ivanchuk here.

I am a Burlington Ontario Chiropractor, Posture Expert, Postural Neurologist and Personal Training Specialist at Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph Line.

 Over the past few weeks we have been discussing the different typical postural presentations (archetypes) and today we are going to learn about the 4th and final archetype; the neuro’s.

These are our beloved seniors who have done very little if anything at all to maintain a healthy posture system.

They will have postural distortions in all 4 posture quadrants. Forward head posture in the first, thoracic hyper-kyphosis (humpback) in the second, various pelvic distortions in the third, and arthritic hips and knees in quadrant number 4. This is why hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery is almost epidemic in this posture group.

The neuro’s will also suffer from chronic pain, have balance issues and a fear of falling, have a higher risk of developing heart disease and this where we are going to see the onset of dementia.

When the neuro’s were surveyed, their aspirations are to be pain-free most of the time, avoid all those nasty surgeries (hips, knees, heart), and maintain a relatively normal degree of functional movement and mental acuity.

Remember that everything is all connected. A posture distortion in even just one posture quadrant will eventually affect the entire posture system when left undetected and uncorrected. And this is going to have a significant impact on your lifespan and your health-span both.

But it does not have to be this way. All you have to do is call to schedule an appointment for your free initial consultation which also includes a free detailed postural analysis. Then I can show you exactly what your issues are when it comes to your posture and we can take it from there.

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Remember that good posture is always by design and never by circumstance.

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