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“Booking A Postural Assessment Is The First Step To Improving Poor Posture”

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Over the past 2 weeks we have discussed posture. The 5 signs of poor posture and the 8 health consequences of poor posture.

So if you have been following us over the past 2 weeks, I hope that you are now concerned.

I hope that you are concerned about getting your posture checked and your children’s posture checked.

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And to be frankly honest with you, the most important part of changing your posture is you.

You are the one who needs to take the initiative to make an appointment for a postural assessment and you are the one who needs to follow the prescribed treatment plan and recommended exercises for both work and home.

I will coach you on all of these and of course provide the necessary chiropractic care but your first step is to make an appointment for an initial consultation.

Remember that in our office these are always free of charge and we encourage family appointments because spinal problems tend to run in families so we can check everyone in your family all at the same time.

Our phone number is 905 335 LIFE (5433) or you can click on the link on the home page of our website.

Starting next week we are going to do something a little different.

What I am going to do is answer the top 10 questions that people just like you have about chiropractic care.

Life Chiropractic … helping families just like yours build vibrant, healthy, drug-free lives for over 25 years in Burlington.

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