Posture Checks

“Posture Checks Are Very Important
For Everyone”

Dr Brad Ivanchuk here and I am a Burlington, Ontario Chiropractor, Certified Posture Expert and Certified Postural Neurologist at Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph Line.

Last time we discussed a case history of a patient with acute lower back pain so today I think it would be appropriate to review why posture checks are so important for everyone.

Because the patient in our case history could have also avoided a lot of pain and aggravation.

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The equation is simple … a healthy posture system is a must in order for you to have a properly functioning nerve system.

Your nerve system needs to glow and vibrate at a high frequency so your body can work at peak efficiency and defend itself effectively.

And this can only happen if your posture system is properly aligned and balanced.

Spinal misalignments or subluxations (and we all have them) will cause postural distortions. Postural distortions left undetected and uncorrected will in turn depress your nerve system.

Your nerve system will not glow or vibrate like it should eventually setting up a state of dis-ease within your body.

Your body cannot work at peak efficiency or defend itself effectively when in a state of disease.

Remember too that postural distortions will also cause spinal degenerative arthritis which is one of the fastest growing health conditions which we are now seeing in kids as young as 10 years old!

For these reasons it is very important that every member of your family have their posture checked.

Posture distortions and dis-ease and spinal degenerative arthritis can all be prevented with regular chiropractic care.

If you have any questions on this topic or any other health concerns you may have or your kids may have, please call me. Consultations in our office are always free of charge and these include a detailed postural analysis.

Family appointments are also available where we can check you and your children all at the same time.

Our phone number here in Burlington is 905 335 LIFE (5433) or you can email me directly by clicking on the link on our home page.

Remember that good posture is always by design and never by circumstance.

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