Preventing Spinal Decay

“What Is Spinal Decay And How Do You Prevent It?”

preventing spinal decay with chiropractic
Often times people ask me what it means to have spinal decay.

Most people these days understand what it means to have a decaying tooth, so I would like to discuss what it means to have a decaying spine because it is just as important, if not more.

Spinal decay is characterized by 3 things:  1) poor posture, 2) arthritis in the spinal joints, 3) thinning of the spinal discs which are the spacers found between each of your vertebrae.

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The latter 2 are usually a consequence of the first one which is poor posture.

Often times, you can have spinal decay and not even know it just like a decaying tooth can be pain-free in the early stages.

And the only way to know for sure if you have spinal decay is to get an xray the same way a dental xray can detect a cavity before the tooth becomes painful or damaged.

There is one important difference to keep in mind however, and that is a decaying tooth can always be replaced but a decaying spine can never be replaced!

In our next post, we will discuss what causes spinal decay, the different stages of spinal decay and what you can do for prevention.

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