Shoulder Pain And Osteoarthritis 

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Dr Brad Ivanchuk here. I am a Burlington, Ontario chiropractor at Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph Line in the Beacon Hill Plaza. I am also a Certified Posture Expert and Postural Neurologist with the American Posture Institute.  And a canfitpro certified Personal Training Specialist.

Today we are going to learn about shoulder osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is caused when the shiny, smooth cartilage surface of a joint (spinal or skeletal) wears away until there is bone on bone contact. This results in pain and stiffness in the joint.

Although osteoarthritis usually affects the joints under the heaviest weight-bearing load – the hips and knees – it can also affect the joints that make up the shoulder. ( See our 26 April, 2019 post to learn more about the shoulder.)

This is what you need to understand ….. cartilage receives no direct blood supply. It relies on a process called diffusion.

Nutrients are absorbed into the cartilage tissue of a joint when it is compressed by movement. This is diffusion.

Anything that restricts the movement of the shoulder – posture distortions in PQ 1 and/or PQ 2, misalignment of the shoulder joint itself, inflammation, injury – will cut off the nutrient supply placing the joint at risk of developing osteoarthritis.

So, how can chiropractic help an osteoarthritic shoulder? By correcting any posture distortions in PQ 1 and 2, realigning the shoulder joint itself, mobilizing the shoulder joint and traction of the shoulder joint.

All of these will increase the range of motion of the shoulder drawing in fresh nutrients (diffusion) which will promote healing.

And just like with anything else, the sooner you start treatment, the greater the chances you will achieve the desired result.

If you or anyone in your family are complaining of shoulder pain, we should take a closer look because you do not want a small, simple issue to turn into a more complex osteoarthritic issue.

All you need to do is call to schedule an appointment for your free initial consultation which also includes a detailed posture scan.

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