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“How Many Hours Do Your Kids Spend Using Technology?”

Sitting with a collapsed or weak posture Burlington

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He is currently studying to become a Certified Posture Neurologist.

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Today we learn about the consequences of kids interacting with technology.

Aside from walking and texting at the same time, another factor contributing to postural decline in kids is sitting with a collapsed or weak posture. Not only does this increase the likelihood that kids will develop back pain, but it has been well documented that back pain in kids decreases their academic performance in school.

What else you really need to know as a parent is that in this modern era of technology, it is not unusual for kids to spend up to 8 hours per day interacting with technology of some sort.

But this is re-wiring the neural circuitry in their brain.

This excessive screen time neglects the circuits in their brain that control the more traditional methods of learning; those used for reading, writing and concentration.

We have to dig a deeper into this next time for the sake of our children but I also want you to remember that TV and video game use alone accounts for 60% of childhood obesity in North America.

So parents, it would be a very wise thing on your part to do a technology survey of your kids over a 7 day period and find out on average how many hours per day (total) they are sitting in front of their computer, the TV, on their ipad, playing video games and don’t forget texting on their cell phones.

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