Impacts Of Prolonged Sitting

“Prolonged Sitting – How Much Time Should Your Child Spend Sitting Down?”

life chiropractic centerHere is some very important information every parent should know about how much time their children should spend sitting down.

Now, there are many, many things that kids do that require them to sit; at the dinner table, in school, doing their homework or practising a musical instrument but this should be the extent of it.

And I know you are asking yourself “why?”, so let men explain as this is very, very important. In fact, it is vitally important!

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Every parent must understand that their children’s spines are highly plastic and will mold to the activities that they do most often.

Prolonged sitting will eventually change the spine from its healthy, normal S-posture to the unhealthy and dangerous C-posture.

The reason why  the C-posture is dangerous is because it restricts normal breathing and compresses vital organs that were designed to function while upright and while in motion.

Also, it has been shown that too much sitting will slow down your metabolism ( which means that you will gain weight ), impair your cardio-vascular health, impair your immune system function and your digestive function.

Not only are the effects of sitting detrimental to your health, they will actually increase your mortality rate exponentially! This means they will decrease your life expectancy.

It is so true that people who live long lives and healthy lives are people who do not spend their days sitting. So, for the sake of your children’s health, parents please keep an eye on how much time your kids spend sitting.

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