Tactile Stimulation

“Overuse Of Technology Can Impair Childhood Development”

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Today we are going to continue to learn how technology is robbing kids of the necessary components for their development.

Parents need to know about something called tactile stimulation.

Tactile stimulation is touching, hugging and playing and is critical for the development of ‘planned movement’.

Tactile stimulation also activates the parasympathetic part of your nerve system which lowers cortisol (a stress hormone), adrenalin (your fight or flight hormone) and reduces anxiety.

Technology robs human beings of tactile stimulation. And kids who overuse technology can exhibit persistent sensations of shaking, increased heart rate, increased respiration, higher rates of ADHD, learning difficulties, sleep and coordination disorders and a general state of un-ease.

Take watching a TV show or a movie or playing a video game with violent content for example.

This causes a high level of adrenalin to be released into the body and also high levels of stress within the body.

The reason why is because kids’ brains especially, do not know that the violence is not real.

And aside from tactile stimulation, kids also need adequate nature and green-space time.

Nature and green-space time has a similar effect on human physiology as does tactile stimulation.

It calms kids down and is good for attention restoration.

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