Tips On How To Vacuum Without  Back Pain

Hello everyone.

Dr Brad here again and the last couple of posts we talked about how activities such as breast-feeding and standing at the kitchen sink can cause some mom’s to experience back pain and stiffness.

And I gave you a couple of tips on how to remedy this.

Now, what about that vacuum cleaner?

Here is another home activity that can be very physically demanding especially if you have a lot of area to do.

The leaning forwards at a slight angle for prolonged periods can irritate the spinal joints and spinal nerve roots in your lower back resulting in backache. And the repetitive arm motion back and forth can cause neck and shoulder pain in some people.

If this sounds familiar to you, try changing it up a bit. Here are 3 tips for you to consider.

First of all, instead of leaning forwards and using your arm, bring the vacuum closer to your body and move with the vacuum. A few steps forwards and a few step backwards etc. In other words, move the vacuum with your legs instead of with your arm. This works exceptionally well in the large open areas.

Save your arm for the nooks and crannies and any over-head stuff. This can both be a real back-saver and shoulder saver for you.

Secondly, consider investing in a smaller lightweight vacuum. Technology has come a long way and they are quite strong and powerful. They also include a lot of back-friendly attachments.

And finally, enroll your life-partner or the kids to help with such chores. After all, you guys have tons of other things to do around the house and a little bit of extra help goes a long way especially the way things are right now.

Let me know ow this works for you.

I always appreciate your feedback.

Please feel free to leave a question or comment.

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