Xray Myths and Misconceptions

“Here Are Some Myths and Misconceptions About X-rays That You Should Know About”

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In this post we are going to clear up some myths and misconceptions that many of you have about xrays because often times when you go to a chiropractor, xrays are required to properly assess your posture.

And, according to researchers there is a significant lack of evidence that low doses of ionizing radiation ( xrays ) pose any health risks. In fact, some studies suggest that there may actually be health benefits to such practices.

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There is the 100 YEAR STUDY OF BRITISH RADIOLOGISTS ( doctors who worked in and around xrays ) and they compared these radiologists to all male medical doctors ( non-radiologists ) and Social Class 1 males.

This study determined that British radiologists never demonstrated an increase in cancer mortality compared to the other 2 groups and in fact had a lower cancer mortality rate than the average for the whole population of England and Wales.

In another study, the US Atomic Energy Commission reported that people who live in the 6 US states with the highest level of background radiation had a 15% lower cancer mortality rate comparing to the national average.

Another study performed at the John Hopkins University called the NUCLEAR SHIPYARD WORKERS STUDY compared 3 different groups of workers; 27,800 workers exposed to radiation, 10,300 workers who had minimal exposure to radiation and 32,500 un-exposed workers.

This study found that the exposed workers death rate from cancer was actually lower that the un-exposed workers.

And for centuries, millions and millions of people around the world have sought out health spas with high levels of radiation.

These types of spas are common in some parts of Japan and studies show that people living near these spas have significantly lower cancer-induced mortality rates than people living further away.

So, the conclusion combining the data of these studies – and there are several others that I did not mention – suggest that humans need a level of radiation above the natural level of background radiation found in most areas of the world.

Now considering that exposure to radiation from diagnostic or spinal xrays is less than that of background radiation, most people should have no concerns about having the occasional spinal xray.

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