Treating Colic in Babies

“How a Colicky Burlington Baby Finally Stopped Crying After 2 Straight Months of Screaming”

This is a story about baby T whom I 1st met when she was 10 wks & 1 day old. A beautiful little baby girl with an exceptionally healthy set of lungs. So much so that a very tired, weary, frustrated & confused young mother brought her daughter in to see me to help her stop screaming.

You see, baby T was colicky & had been screaming for 2 months straight & her mother was at her wits end. 2 months of yelling, screaming, extreme fussiness, sleepless nights & that anxiety that all conscientious parents would have – wondering what they were doing wrong. And nothing they tried worked; car rides, holding, rocking, walking, stroller rides or nursing. She just kept on fussing & screaming for hours on end.

Nothing, I mean NOTHING would stop her until she would finally fall asleep due to sheer exhaustion, but often times she would be up all night because she ended up sleeping during the day & this is what took it’s greatest toll on the rest of their young family.

They took baby T to the family doc for help but were told their baby was healthy & this would soon pass. But hour after hour & night after night the crying would go on & on until one day she screamed straight thru from 2pm until midnight. 10 hrs straight.

That was it.

Baby T’s mother had had enough & decided to take her to a Burlington chiropractor for a check-up. She had learned from a friend that a chiropractor had helped her baby with colic, so she decided to give it a try. That’s where I come into this story.
I met with baby T & her mom & she filled me in on the whole story. I explained to her that there is no known definite cause for colic. It is defined as “periods of crying, apparent abdominal pain & irritability” in an otherwise normal, healthy baby. And this was baby T to a tee.

I could tell by looking at her and examining her that she was tense & stressed & not at all comfortable. I told her mom that I have had very good results treating colicky babies whether newborns or a few months old ( this is the typical age range for colic to strike ) & her mom immediately asked what I expected her to ask…. How?

I explained to her that from the chiropractic perspective, the birth process can be very traumatic for the baby ( not to mention the mother ). Especially if labour is long, difficult, induced & especially if forceps or the vacuum suction is used to assist the delivery process.

This can upset a little spine. And just like with an adult, if your spine is not healthy & aligned properly, this can lead to a multitude of conditions & health problems.

What I told baby T’s mom made sense to her, & she asked me when we could get started. I said right now & she agreed enthusiastically.

I proceeded to gently treat baby T every couple of days & after about 2 wks, her mom finally started to notice a significant change.

First, the late night crying had subsided. The rest of the family was very happy as now everyone could sleep peacefully.

Then the evening screaming sessions started to lessen & they were not as long & drawn out. And when she did scream & cry, it was not as long & often. Baby T’s mom was committed to keeping her appointments & noticed continual & steady improvement week after week until one day, baby T did not cry at all.

She finally had a happy, comfortable day for the whole day as a new baby should. Mom was ecstatic, relieved & very thankful as were the rest of the family.

By the time baby T was 8 months old , she was colic-free. An occasional scream if she was hungry, wanted attention or couldn’t reach her toy but that was it. She was a normal, healthy baby once again & her mom told me she couldn’t imagine what they might have gone through if they didn’t bring their precious little daughter to the chiropractor. I told her I was glad that I was able to help.
Now, if you have a colicky baby ( or know someone who does ), there is no need for you, your family & especially the baby to suffer. Pls call our office & schedule your FREE CONSULTATION & I will be able to determine if I can help with your colicky baby. Remember, we are here to help.

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