Children Recurring Coughs And Colds

“Does Your Child Constantly Taking Cold Remedies And Antibiotics For Recurring Coughs And Colds?”

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Here is some very useful information for parents whose children are constantly requiring cold remedies and antibiotics for recurring coughs and colds.

One thing that you must understand as a parent is that it is not normal for your child, or anyone for that matter to be sick all the time with coughs and colds. Our bodies were designed to express health, not sickness and it really isn’t a good idea to be giving your child cold remedies and antibiotics on a regular basis.

These can be quite toxic and detrimental to the body in a variety of ways.

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Frequent or recurring coughs and colds usually mean that your child has poor immune system function.

This can be the result of their immediate environment at home, or at school, their diet and especially if they have poor spinal alignment.

What many parents do not realize is that your spinal alignment has a direct impact on your  immune function.

The immune system is under the direct control and influence of the nerve system and if the nerve system is compromised due to poor spinal alignment, so too will be the immune system.

A child’s body cannot defend itself properly against the germs that cause coughs and colds when their immune system is compromised.

In fact, nobody’s body can.

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