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“Here’s Something To Consider Regarding Child Colds From Our Burlington Clinic”

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Here is something for you to think about if your child is suffering from frequent colds.

Especially now that we are approaching the time of year when parents will be pressured into having their kids get the flu shot even though they may not be totally comfortable with it.

All I can say is that I strongly urge that you do your due diligence.

They are your kids after all.

Find out what they are injecting into your children.

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Find out if they really work.

And remember this – if there is a problem afterwards, it will be very unlikely that there will be anyone there to help you and support you.

It is important that you make a very informed decision about this.

You can find a lot of good information on-line.

Getting back to the common cold – it important for you to understand that when your body is healthy, it is normal to get 2 colds per year. One in the fall as your body is preparing for the cold weather germs and one in the spring as your body is preparing for the warm weather germs.

And the way that this happens is by means of a cold and flu-like symptoms.

Children will tend to get a few more colds however as their immunity is growing , learning and developing but it should not be one 2 week cold after another.

But if this is the case as it is for many children, it means that their immune system is not working up to par.

There can be several reasons for poor immune function such as improper diet, the use of drugs and medications but the main reason is due to spinal nerve stress ( SNS ).

Spinal nerve stress will compromise the ability of the immune system to defend the body properly and when this happens in children, frequent colds are often times the result.

Now it is important for you to know this – there are scientific studies showing that people receiving regular chiropractic care have immune systems that respond better when challenged.

This means that they are less likely to get colds & sickness and it is my clinical observation after 25 years in practice that this is absolutely true. People who get regular chiropractic care are generally healthier and this includes children.

Why is this?

Because chiropractic care reduces SNS which will allow your immune system to work at peak potential the way it should all the time.

So, if you are concerned with how many colds your kids are getting, why don’t you call us to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation.

Then I can show you exactly how it is that we can help.

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