Computer Neck And Child Posture

“Computer Neck In Kids And Why Parents Should Be Concerned”

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Here is some very important information for parents whose kids sit a lot at computers.

There is an ever growing problem that I’m seeing in kids these days called computer neck.

Computer neck is a condition where someone’s neck is aligned out in front of their shoulders instead of directly on top of their shoulders which is the norm.

How you can check to see if your child is suffering from computer neck is to have them stand comfortably in their bare feet [ this is best if done while they are in their underwear by the way, and observe their posture from the side.

[flashvideo file= image= width=500 height=299 /] Now , look at the opening to their ear canal and see if it is aligned with the mid-point of their shoulder. If you notice that the opening to their ear canal is aligned anywhere in front of the mid-point of their shoulder, then your child has computer neck.

Now, you may be saying or thinking to yourself; ‘so what, my kid spends a lot of time sitting at the computer or playing video games or both.’ But, as a parent you need to know that computer neck is never good for your child’s health for a number of reasons.

Number 1 – computer necks will become arthritic in a rapid fashion causing a great deal of unnecessary pain and stiffness.
Number 2 – computer necks will lead to a very unsightly posture commonly known as hump back.
Number 3 – computer necks put an incredible amount of stress and tension on the spinal cord and the nerves in the neck and upper back area which will cause a wide variety of health problems.

This is by far the greatest danger with computer necks and to understand why, please refer to The Chart of Effects of Spinal Misalignments found on this web-site.

There you can review for yourself all the possible health problems that can result from spinal misalignments caused by computer neck.

An even more important thing that every parent must know is that chiropractic care can help to correct this serious problem.

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