Pregnancy Posture

Postural Steps To Avoid Pregnancy Pain

Pregnancy Posture

Dr Brad Ivanchuk is a Burlington chiropractor at Life Chiropractic Centre which is a family chiropractic facility.

Previously we have learned about postural development in babies and children and today we switch our attention to the moms.

The mother’s postural presentation during pregnancy, pre-labour and labour as well as life-style choices has a significant impact on the 3 things; the length of labour, the ease of delivery and the degree of potential birth trauma to the baby.

Preparation for labour is greatly enhanced by sitting, standing and squatting with proper posture.

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This of course totally depends upon how good the alignment is in posture quadrant #3 which is the lower back and pelvis.

Good posture here will ensure strong pelvic floor muscles and will allow the core muscles to function as a hammock and cradle the baby form below as well as hold the tummy in place.

After delivery, chiropractic care is critical to help re-strengthen the deep abdominal muscles which is required to repair the over-stretched outer abdominal muscles.

And, chiropractic care is ever so important during pregnancy.

Research studies show that pregnant women have 24% shorter labour times for first time moms and 39% shorter labour times for experienced moms.

Not only that, but moms who participate in postural correction during their pregnancy use 50% less pain medication during labour and delivery.

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