Chiropractic And Gardening

“How Burlington Chiropractic Care And Help You Survive The Gardening Season This Spring”

life chiropractic centerGardening season is now upon us & this can be a source of pleasure for some but not for others.

If you do not approach your yard & garden maintenance activities with some logic & common sense, you could suffer.

And typically what will suffer is your lower back.

So, here are a few helpful tips….

Stretch your back before & after doing your gardening & yardwork.

Ease into it. Remember that these activities are stressful on the back.

Do not do it all at once—pace yourself.

Pick 2 or 3 things that you need to do & rotate through them every 30 min. to change up the stresses on your back.

Sit when you can; either on a pillow or a small stool.

Do not stand stooped forward or to either side for extended periods ( such as hoeing or raking ), this is very bad for the back.

Keep your garden tools sharp to minimize the effort you need to put forth to cut or dig.

If back pain persists &/or you develop leg pains, call a chiropractor right away.

These are signs that there is a structural issue with your spine & we will be able to help.

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