Fruits And Vegetables

“When To Eat Your Fruits And Vegetables”

life chiropractic centerMost everyone knows that fruit & vegetables are an integral part of a healthy diet.

But, if you make the effort to eat them you need to know how & when to realize the full nutritional benefit.

First of all, fruit should only be eaten by itself on its own between meals & on an empty stomach.

Combining fruit with anything else will only set up a fermenting furnace in your stomach causing gas, bloating & poor absorption of nutrients.

This includes cereal & yogurt.

In fact, some researchers tell us that mixing fruit with yogurt will destroy the beneficial bacteria that are found in yogurt.

Your vegetables should be lightly steamed or grilled.

They do not need to be covered with oil or butter, just lightly seasoned with your favourite salad spices.

Remember that sea salt is far healthier for you than table salt.

Salad – before or after your meal?

Typically, in north America we have our salad before our meal.

Europeans on the other hand have their salad afterwards.


Because the digestive aid provided by lettuce is best on top of your food, not in front of it or on the bottom of it.

I agree that salad is best consumed after a meal.

And, don’t calorie it up with dressing.

This negates the whole point of salad!

Lightly dressed, use lemon juice as an alternative & season with your favourite salad spices.

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