Growing Pains

“Getting Rid Of Growing Pains With Burlington Chiropractic Care”

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What to do if your child is suffering from  GROWING PAINS ….

Growing pains is a common complaint of children at various stages of growth & development, especially during the pre-teen & early teenage years.

They most commonly affect the legs & can be isolated to the knee joint specifically.

Growing pains have been attributed  to just that – growth. But  I would like to offer you a different perspective.

Why is it that not all kids complain of growing pains?  If it did truly hurt to grow, then wouldn’t all kids suffer from growing pains?

Remember that leg pain is also called sciatica. Sciatica comes from having pinched nerves in the lower back area. These nerves form what is called

the sciatic bundle which travel all the way down the leg right to the foot. When these nerves are pinched due to poor spinal alignment, leg pain often results.

It has been my experience that growing pains are the same as sciatic leg pains, except that they are affecting children.

You may ask… ‘ how can my kid have poor spinal alignment?’

Easy – childhood is when we suffer our most & biggest traumas. Have you ever witnessed your child falling hard on their butt, even once?

This is enough to cause a spinal problem.

Chiropractic care is by far your best choice to help your child’s growing pains. We have had phenomenal results.

If your child is suffering, call us today. We can help!

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