Health And Microwaves

“Microwave Use And Your Health Tip From Our Burlington Clinic”

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To MICROWAVE or not to microwave?
Do your own easy experiment at home to answer this question for yourself.

By 2 identical, small potted plants or flowers.

Water them at the same time & with the same amount of water.

Make sure they get the same sunlight , temperature etc.

In other words, make sure the growing conditions are identical, except for the water.

One plant water only with purified water; spring water or reverse osmosis water for example.

The other, use the same water as above except microwave it for 1 minute, let it cool and then water the plant. Do this for 2 or 3 months and observe any differences between the 2 plants.

Then you can decide if microwaving your food is a good idea or not.

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