Managing Stress Part 6

“Our Burlington Clinic Believes That The Most Important Thing In Effectively Managing Stress Is To Maintain Good Spinal Hygiene”

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So what does it mean to have good spinal hygiene?

Good spinal hygiene means that your pelvis is level and not rotated or twisted. Your spine is straight up and down and your hips and shoulders are level.

From the side , you have the 3 appropriate curves in your spine – a forward curve in the neck and lower back and a gentle backwards curve between the shoulder blades.

Good spinal hygiene also means that you have no arthritis in the spinal joints and all of your spinal discs are plump and healthy.

So why is this important?

Because inside the spine is your spinal cord.

The spinal cord connects your brain to your nerves.

The brain is the power supply to your whole body.

The nerves carry the power that is generated in your brain to all the organs , tissues and cells that make up your body.

If you do not have good spinal hygiene, ie. you have scoliosis, or a twisted pelvis, or forward head carriage, or spinal arthritis, or degenerating discs, or a reversed curve in your neck , then your spinal cord will be compromised.

It is impossible not to be compromised in these circumstances.

When the spinal cord is compromised, then it cannot transmit the power to your nerves in the right quantity or quality.

Do you think this would be an asset to your health or a liability?

The answer is that it is a huge liability and in fact is the one liability that has the greatest potential of robbing you of your health!

Next week we will continue discussing good spinal hygiene and stress, but before then I would like you to do me a small favour.

I would like you to search this website for the Chart of Effects of Spinal Misalignments.

Study it.

It will be quite enlightening and then next weeks’ tip ( Part 7 ) will make more sense to you.

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