Managing Stress Part 7

“What Are The Causes Of Poor Spinal Hygiene”

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Last week we identified what it means to have good spinal hygiene & what it means to have poor spinal hygiene.

So, the next logical question is …. ‘ what is it that can affect your spinal hygiene? ‘

The answer is something called a subluxation & everyone , parents especially, should know what they are, how they occur, what they do  & how to eliminate them & prevent them from occurring.

Definition … subluxation : a partial or incomplete dislocation of a spinal vertebra. Sound painful? They certainly can be. But here’s the kicker – all those scenarios that we discussed last week, the ones that qualify you as having poor spinal hygiene – they are all the result of having subluxations in your spine!

Now, the next logical question you should be asking is…. ‘ how do you get subluxations?’

Answer:  STRESS !  All 3 kinds of stress will cause you to have subluxations. Physical, mental/emotional & chemical, remember?

So follow me here;  we have just learned that subluxations are caused by stress.

We know that no-one can ever escape stress.

We now know what impact subluxations have on your spinal hygiene.

And, we now know what poor spinal hygiene does to your spinal cord which is a critical part of your central nerve system.

And we know that a compromised spinal cord is a huge health concern. ( Did you do your homework last week? Did you study the Chart of Effects of Spinal Misalignments [subluxations] to see what effects they have on your health at all the different spinal levels? )

And because ‘inescapable stress’ causes subluxations, we are always at risk of getting subluxations.

So, your next question should be …. ‘ what can I do to make sure I am free of subluxations & my kids are free of subluxations? ‘

This you will learn next week in Part 8.

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