Treating Strains And Sprains

“What To Do If You Have Suffered A Strain Or Sprain In Burlington?”

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This time of year people are generally more active in their yards or playing sports & the chances of spraining or straining an elbow, wrist, knee or ankle ( for example )

dramatically increase. Here are some helpful tips if you have suffered a strain or sprain injury:

remember the acronym RICE –

R for rest, I for ice, C for compression & E for elevation.

In other words, rest the injured area, wrap it in ice for 10 – 12 minutes twice an hour & elevate the inured body part if you can so as to not let the swelling pool.

Next, get to your family chiropractor right away to have the injury assessed.

Often times there will  also be structural misalignment of the injured joint & this must  also be corrected for the joint to heal quickly & properly. Life Chiropractic Centre also offers COLD LASER THERAPY ( low level laser therapy ) which is excellent to help these types of injuries heal quickly & properly.

For more information on COLD LASER THERAPY, please search for the posting included on this web-site.

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