Cold Laser For Cold Sores

“If You’re A Burlington Cold Sore Sufferer, Find Out How We Get Rid Of Cold Sores With Cold Laser Therapy”

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Not everyone has heard of cold laser therapy whether its for treating cold sores or other ailments.

Cold Laser Therapy is basically a low-level laser beam of ‘intense light energy’ that is beamed into the infected or injured part of the body.

In the case of cold sores, the laser is concentrated on the infected area where the Herpes Simplex virus resides.

The virus itself remains dormant in the skin or nerve tissue, and cold sores can occur by overexposure to sunlight, illnesses involving fevers, physical and emotional stress, certain foods, and drugs.

Sometimes, there is no apparent trigger mechanism.

The cold sores may appear anywhere on the skin or mucous membranes but are most frequent about the mouth, on the lips, around the nostrils (nose) or sometimes around the eyes/ears.

Localized and recurring infections ordinarily occur more frequently in childhood, but may be delayed until adult life.

The blisters begin with a short initial period of tingling, discomfort or itching. Then tiny bumps form and these then expand, erupt and blossom into the full-blown blister. This is when it is most unsightly and you feel most self-conscious.

These appearances begin to dry within a few days and this usually happens seven to ten days after the first tingling, pain or itching and total healing is complete by 21 days.

Healing may be slower in areas of the body that are moist and cold sores that occur at the same site over and over may cause scarring.

The typical and most common treatments are creams, lotions and other remedies that are applied onto the cold sore it-self.

These can be obtained by prescription or as over-the-counter medication BUT their effectiveness is questionable.

At best, these types of remedies may shorten the total time period that the blister is present and whether they actually kill the underlying virus is uncertain.

The Key To Successful Treatment Of Cold Sores Is To Kill The Underlying Virus

If your cold sores keep returning, then the virus is still alive.

This is where Cold Laser therapy can make a big difference.

The intense light energy works on various levels.

Not only does it penetrate into the skin to kill off the deep-seeded virus, but it will actually heal the cold sore faster.

This will reduce further outbreaks and prevent weak tissue and scar tissue formation if your cold sores tend to affect the same areas on a recurring basis.

The bottom line is that by killing the virus that causes the cold sores in the first place, you end up with faster healing and less cold sores in the future.

Patients Have Reported That Their Cold Sores Never Returned.

Once they’re gone, most people choose to have maintenance treatments every few months to ensure they NEVER come back.

How many treatments does it take?

It depends on where they are, how many sores you usually get and how long you’ve had them.

This can only be determined by examination, but on average 8-12 treatments will be the range most cases will require.

Most people notice at least 90% improvement and some have reported that their cold sores never came back.

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