Leg Pain Relief

“Leg Pain Can Affect Kids, Teenagers, Adults And Seniors”

It is not normal to have pain in the legs at any age unless there is a pre-existing medical condition or a fracture.

Leg pain is often times the result of pinched spinal nerves in the lower back area. Also, it can result from inflamed spinal joints in the lower back area as well. The nerves from your lower back area ( the lumbar spine ) form what is called the sciatic bundle. This bundle of nerves go through your lower back, into your buttocks and then right down each of your legs right to your feet.

Pain can result anywhere along the path of the sciatic nerve and you don’t have to have lower back pain ( lumbago ) to have leg pain. They can be, and often are, mutually exclusive. That is why many people do not associate leg pain with a lower back problem because they do no have any lower back pain. Spinal nerves and spinal joints become irritated when the vertebrae associated with those specific nerves and joints become misaligned.

And if you have a spine, you have misalignments. It is impossible not to unless you are perfectly motionless your whole life.

Leg pain can also affect the hip joints, one or both. These joints can become misaligned from excessive wear and tear, and trauma. The same thing can happen to the knees, ankles,, and joints of the feet. Did you know a lot of hip and knee replacements can be prevented if people maintained good spinal hygiene ( alignment ) throughout their whole life? Let me explain …. let’s say you weigh 200 lbs just for round numbers. There is something called ‘heel strike’. This is the weight on each of your legs each time your heel strikes the ground during walking, jogging or running. Now, if your pelvis is level and not twisted ( ie. good hygiene/alignment ), your heel strike should be pretty equal – 100 lbs each side if you weigh 200 lbs. But what if your pelvis is un-even and/or twisted such that one leg heel strikes with 120lbs and the other with 80 lbs?  What do you suppose would happen to the hip and knee on the side of the excessive weight? RIGHT!  They are going to wear out quicker and sooner.

I see this all the time in practice. Patients come in with back pain and/or leg pain. They have had hip or knee replacement surgery and 100% of the time when I take a look at their lower back alignment on xray film, their pelvis is either tilted, twisted or both. All of these joints ( hips, knees,ankles, feet ) including the joints of the spine can be re-aligned back to an anatomically correct position with chiropractic treatments in most cases.

Burlington Leg pain, whether from a spinal origin or specific joint dysfunction responds extremely well to chiropractic treatments. Relief can be realized without medication and the health of the joints will improve.

This will also improve stability, durability and longevity allowing you to continue to be active with little or no leg pain or discomfort.

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