Back Pain Treatment Becomes Infertility Cure

“How a Weekend of Too Much Needle Point & Some Burlington Chiropractic Care Helped a Patient’s Infertility”

This is an interesting story on how our Burlington chiropractic care helped cure an INFERTILITY problem purely by chance.

About 20 yrs ago, a 28 yr old lady came into our office with a very sore neck. She was looking for some relief for her neck and heard somewhere from someone that chiropractic treatments would help. I found out that she had spent the weekend doing a lot of needle work preparing a quilt for a Christmas present.

When she got up that Monday morning, she was in extreme neck pain — so much so that she sought out a Burlington chiropractor for relief as many people do.

During the consultation, I discovered that she was also a chronic lower back pain sufferer and was also very concerned that she and her husband had been trying to conceive for 18 months with no success.

This was a huge concern for her as she was at the age where she and her husband were planning to start their family. But, she was not in my office for anything but the terrible pain in her neck. She just mentioned the other things because I asked. She was not expecting anything but help with her immediate problem – her neck.

Now, being a chiropractor, I was immediately thinking how her spinal health ( or lack thereof ) may impact her bodies ability to conceive as they were sure that it was not her partner. Examination of her xrays confirmed that there were pinched nerves in her neck that were the cause of her immediate problem but also there was a severely pinched nerve in her lower spine which was accounting for her lower back pain.

It is interesting to note that in a female, the nerves from the lower spine ALSO control the following organs and tissues: lower bowel, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and bladder. What most people don’t realize is that lower back problems can also cause problems with these body parts as well, one of them being infertility. What is even worse is that people are told they then need to take medication to fix the problem !

In all my years of practice, I have rarely seen a health problem that was due to a lack of medication. I have read the statistics though — where properly prescribed and administered medication is the leading cause of death in the US and accounts for over 20,000 deaths annually in our country. These numbers are staggering !

Anyway, this lady started an a chiropractic treatment program with me and was soon noticing relief of her neck pain. She also started to notice relief of her lower back pain. The reason is, is when we start correcting a spine, we correct the whole spine. Not just where the immediate problem is.

This patient then discontinued care with me about 3 – 4 months later due to some unforeseen personal circumstances. She then returned to my office 10 yrs later because she was having neck pain – again!

As we re-aquainted with one another, she said she had something to tell me. I said ok – what do you want to tell me ? She said she wanted to thank me for helping her get pregnant and that she was the proud mother of 2 beautiful girls and that she now had the family her and her husband had always wanted.

I congratulated her but asked her why thank me? She was convinced that it was her chiropractic treatments that helped her become fertile because it was just a couple of months after she stopped her treatments that she conceived her first child. And because she had noticed such an improvement in her lower back pain that she knew her temporary inability to get pregnant was due to an unhealthy lower back.

As I reviewed her previous case history it came back to me how I initially suspected her infertility problems could very well be due to the pinched nerve in her lower back and it turned out to be true.

So, this is a story of how life truly works in strange ways – where a weekend of too much needle point, a sore neck and a subsequent visit to a chiropractor helped this person have a family !

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