Assessing And Monitoring Spinal Correction

“How Do We Determine The Amount Of Spinal Correction That Has Occurred?”

monitoring spinal correction burlingtonLast time we discussed the 3 things required to restore the normal frontwards curve in your neck:

  • chiropractic care
  • spinal traction
  • using the spinal orthotic.

Now, many of you may be wondering how do we know when your neck has been corrected?

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How we find this out is by doing a posture scan and an xray, and comparing these to the posture scan and xray you had done before you started your corrective care.

We typically do these at the 6 month and 12 month mark.

This is the only way to determine if your neck has been corrected or if you need further corrective care which some people do.

But if your neck has been satisfactorily corrected and is stable, then you would qualify for wellness care.

So, what is involved in wellness care?

We still provide you with chiropractic adjustments as needed along with spinal traction and you still need to use the spinal orthotic 3 times per week.

All of these things are required to help you maintain your spinal correction.

But if you stop any or all of these things, your neck will eventually go back into its subluxation pattern and start to degenerate once again.

It is very, very rare however that people choose to stop their chiropractic care once they have experienced the huge benefit it has had on their health.

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